June musings ~ 2021

Hello, it’s been a bit of a delay ~ I appreciate y’all’s understanding and patience in this. I was planning to do a second musings in April. However, other things came to my attention and I had to take a short break in order to tend to these things.

One thing: it wasn’t in the stars for me to be a guest on That Witch Life podcast for their may 2/Beltane episode. Darn! However, good news…. they have invited me back for a summer episode…. TBA!

Another of these things, what? Internet service – right now, it is down due to my previous housemates having cancelled their service and now I’m awaiting my own internet service to arrive then be activated. That will be later this week, hopefully! I learned how to order my own internet service. There’s always a silver lining to Mercury retrograde in learning new things 😉

This is interesting since Mercury retrograde is now in full swing since it turned retrograde on May 29, 2021 and stays retrograde until June 22. Mercury is in its “home” sign of Gemini ♊ at this time. What does that mean? Well, Gemini is an air sign. Mercury is the ruling planet of both Gemini and Virgo. Both Gemini and Virgo are mutable signs (air and earth, in their respective zodiac signs). Typically, folx who have their natal Mercury placed in Gemini will feel the energetic resonance of Mercury retrograde in a more emphasized way than other folx who may not have natal Mercury placed in Gemini.

Mercury aka Hermes is known as the messenger of the gods. He is one of only two deities (besides Hekate/Hecate) who could travel between all realms; not just only Mount Olympus. His areas of expertise range from transportation, technology, trade, to knowledge, gathering and exchange of resources and intelligence, and so on. He can hold a trickster type of energy so it’s good to remember to take a step back, laugh, breathe, then regroup if something is causing y’all to feel tightly wound up during this time.

A energetic signature of Mercury retrograde is this: the R words…. recycle, reassess, renew, rethink, research, release, and much more. It generally isn’t advised to sign contracts and/or make any big decision type of moves/actions/plans during this time… however, it can be done if it’s done with due research, close looks at the contracts/fine print, etc. So, it’s important to go it slow and steady with patience during this time; not rushing through.

I’m offering Mercury retrograde readings now until June 21…. Mercury retrograde finishes on June 22 then will turn direct station by then. Sessions are reasonably priced according to maintaining sustainable income for my livelihoods.

I’m willing to work around with y’all’s financial budgets if and when necessary. If this is a thing then please communicate it when contacting me for a reading. This is much in my awareness since covid-19 is still a current world situation and I recognize that so many folx have been financially impacted by it as well as myself in that case.

If this particular reading strikes your interest/need then please feel welcome to contact me and book sessions via the contact form here through my website, email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, and/or Instagram dm message.

I look forward to connecting with y’all!

More thoughts soon!

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