*** Jupiter in Scorpio transit *** reads/sessions NOW available!

***Jupiter in Scorpio readings/sessions NOW available!!! ***

We’ve been seeing all those astrological articles/links flying around social media~ Facebook and otherwise ~ yup, it is a major transit, this Jupiter in Scorpio thing….. itll go for about 13 months (how witchy can we get with that number?! 😉)

If youre wondering whats going on and/or if theres something particular youd like to know about your natal Jupiter chart placement and how it may interact with this current Jupiter in Scorpio transit… then please do consider booking a session/reading with me!

Sessions are given both in-person and via long distance. ASL accessible/friendly!!

Please inquire within for rates, etc.

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

My Facebook woo work page:
Spirit Oracle professional services

I look forward to co creating some powerful magik w yall~

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