*** Keep On Kissing ***


This image picture is both in remembrance and solidarity with Orlando, Florida and the queer communities there.

Today is a new day. Im grateful for this.

Yesterday, I went to Stonewall Inn, the birthplace where my queer ancestors began their riots and radical activism. It was not just only white people who started this movement. It was drag queens and queer POC (people of color) among others.

Stonewall riots happened just 40 odd years ago. It may feel like a long time ago, yet it is not. There were also the other sit-ins and gatherettes that happened, before AND after Stonewall Inn. Harvey Milk among other folx were and are still part of our queer history.

We must not forget. What is remembered still lives…. including now the 49 folx who died in the horrific, terrible, beyond heartaching massacre that happened several days ago at Pulse, a gay bar in Orlando, Florida.

It was quite a sight seeing the memorial at Stonewall for the 49 folx as well as to step foot on ground that so many queers have stepped foot on before me. To be in the space where the birthplace of my queer ancestors and their radical activism began. To feel the spark burning of their legacy still there. To witness how tragedy can pull together people. To see and reaffirm that we are a resilient community…. among many other thoughts and feelings i had wihle being there at Stonewall.

There is also a video going viral on social media via Huffington Post, i believe if i remember proper, about Keeping On Kissing ~ showing men of all colors coming together and kissing each other as a way of showing that Love DOES win and that homophobia must be abolished.

I will not be apologetic about who i choose to love and who i choose to kiss. I will not be tolerated anymore. I much rather to be celebrated, valued, honored, loved, and cherished for the rainbow self that I am.  If that causes you to feel uncomfortable, then good… I hope that discomfort will cause you to think through some things that are important ~ more than important.


It is also important to remember that this horrible shooting that happend at Orlando, Florida was not the worst in history. Wounded Knee was the one of the most worst massacres. There have been more than enough shootings especially in the last decade or so.

Change has to happen. Change MUST happen.


Those are some of my thoughts and feelings as im still percolating alot in my heart in the days unfolding since Orlando happened. Please be understanding and respectful to my process. Thankees you. It is much appreiated.

~Blessings ~

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