*** last minute winter holiday gift certicates STILL avail for purchase! ***

These gift certificates are great as holiday stocking stuffers!!

Do y’all have last minute winter holiday shopping to do?? If yes, then please do consider something different like these lovely gift certificates!

Also, do you have birthday shopping to do? Are you wanting a different idea for calendar new year gifting? This is a great option 😉

I’m happy to customize them to your intentions/orders 🙂


20 minutes = $20

30 minutes = $30

45 minutes = $45

1 hour/60 mins = $60

1 hour and half/90 mins = $90


My regular hourly fee for readings etc = $125

My regular sliding scale hourly fee = $60-90


Your support of my livelihood woo work is as always received with much gratitude! Thankees, Thankees, Thankees!! 💜💚❤️✨✨

Blessed Winter Solstice/Yule and Happy Holidays!!

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