LEO full moon/eclipse ~ jan 31st 2018 ~ insights unfolding ***

Hello you lovely subscribers!

have yall been feeling into this recent HUGE leo full moon eclipse woo portal??! Wow, holy wow. Ive been feeling it for sure!!!

Here are some of my unfolding insights around this energy shift unfolding…. (from my very personal journal excerpt; NOT shareable. Please respect this vulnerable sharing)  ….

This full moon eclipse has presented the opportunity, a BIG one, for going deep and releasing stories that dont serve us… to invite in what does serve and wants to serve us and support our paths…

Leo energy right now (the past few days) is starting to flow and will hit BIG peak tomorrow (Jan 31st) with full moon/eclipse.

It is all about claiming our self-sovereignty, our HEART callings, our HEART pullings, what really feels our HEARTbeat, etc… honouring that and how to bring that in more… among many other things…

Giving ourselves not only the permission, also claiming the right to SHINE, to be SEEN in all our glory…

And honouring the travails weve come through to get to this place and blessing the challenges even if theyve been difficult at times…

And to just let us breathe, SHINE, receive, and share with the generosity and abundance of ourselves and HEARTS and honouring our heart PULLINGS, Soul pullings right now… and let it flow with the energy… letting the intentions manifest in time…

You deserve to SHINE, to be Seen, to be valued.


With that all said, now the moon has transited into Virgo among other planetary shiftings… we are STILL experiencing the reverberations flowing from this recent full moon eclipse. Virgo lunar energy right now is EARTH ~ whereas the recent Leo energy is FIRE ~ HEART centric space. Virgo earthy energy is more directed towards whole body space. Very interesting kind of shift yet makes total sense since we, at least many of us, are still integrating our spiritual downloads from our heart centric space with Leo energy down to where it is with WHOLE body space reflected with Virgo energy at this moment…

Definitely essential to continue leveling up with our self care rituals/rhythms. What is your self care today? Have you noticed some habits are shifting?

Ive been listening ALOT more Deeper especially right now with my energy and physical bodies for sure among other layers at this moment.

I will share more thoughts soon!

Blessings and Blissings,


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