*** Leo full moon + lunar eclipse consults & sessions NOW avail ***

Hello folx,

Thorne here. I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted on here. Time still has been feeling strange and a bit wonky since the calendar New Years turning. I appreciate y’all’s patience with my intentional delay in posting until now. It’s been important for me to honor my internal rhythms as well as the Deep shiftings I’m currently going through at this time ~ both in my personal and professional lives.

Time has flown and we are nearing to Imbolc which is *almost* right around the corner! I will write & share more later on about Imbolc! 😉

Currently, we are still in the Eclipse Gateway liminal space energetically… due to the recent Capricorn new moon + partial solar eclipses. I felt that shift for sure, energetically! Didn’t y’all?

At this moment, we are approaching the soon arriving Full Moon in Leo + lunar eclipse! It occurs during January 20-21, 2019. This full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon.

Anyway, on to announcements…. My Leo full moon + lunar eclipse consults and sessions are NOW available for booking! There’s only 13 of these available, so if you feel drawn to this, then please book ASAP. I’m offering this until January 25, 2019. Please book via my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com and/or Paypal.me/ThorneDavis.

~ Please note this one is a SPECIAL deal offering ~

Consults: 15 minutes = $15, half hour = $30, one hour = $60

Sessions: half hour = $30, 1 hour = $60, 90 mins = $90, 2 hrs = $125

(My usual hourly rate for sessions is $125 as well as my hourly consult rate is $50. So, this is a really great deal especially right now 😉)

After January 25th, these sessions will NOT be available.


I will be offering something Magicky for Imbolc so keep your eyes peeled for that 😊✨✨✨

Blessings and I look forward to co-creating magic with y’all soon!


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