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Playful Leo Full Moon

Lunar eclipse coming up with the Leo Full Moon! The full moon is a very emotional time. Your routine may feel disrupted and out of sorts as changes are taking place. You can choose to go with the flow or resist it. The fiery Leo energy you may feel that your life has been kicked into overdrive – new inspiration, and action.

The Full Moon and the Eclipse
The lunar eclipse (partial) intensifies the Leo Full Moon. It may heighten emotions and reveal something you’re unaware of yet. You may experience something coming to a close. Since all full moon bring things to fruition, a sense of culmination, or you may sense accelerated momentum in reaching your goals. So see what is being revealed to you without anticipation or planning; allowing your higher-self to guide the process. Eclipses are a portal that allows you to download higher levels of information and helping expand your consciousness. They help advance personal development and take a leap of faith on your destiny.

When does the full moon take place?
The Leo Full Moon takes place on February 10, 2017 at 7:33pm EDT (4:33pm PDT). The full moon is a time of opposites. You may feel pulled by the two opposing signs Leo and Aquarius. Finding balance between opposition takes practice and patience.

The full moon relates to emotional needs
The moon influences your emotional needs. With the moon in Leo you may feel the fiery energy inspiring your creativity, you may feel more passionate, or maybe stepping into the spotlight. The full moon illuminates emotions, patterns and programming that needs your attention. These are often reflected externally as you view other people and relationships. Take note of areas in your life where you feel agitated or annoyed. What emotions are being stirred up? The full moon calls us to integrate opposites.

The Leo (Moon) and Aquarius (Sun) Axis
Leo relates to your personal power and perceptions. This full moon is a time to stand in your personal power and let your authentic light shine. When the moon is full, the sun and moon are opposite each other, creating a pull between these two powerful forces. Leo reminds you to live from a heart-centered space. Are you following the guidance of your heart? How can you be more authentic, and aligned with your heart’s desires? With the full moon in Leo, the sun is in Aquarius. Where Leo is interested in supporting yourself, Aquarius inspires you to think of others – especially related to all of humanity. It focuses on social justice and providing resources for all of humanity. With the full moon your goals may be expanded to see how they will support more than just you. Be open to sudden bursts of insight.

Full moons show us how to use complementary energies of opposite signs to learn something new about ourselves and the world. With this full moon we experience opposition between creative vision and freedom (Aquarius) and self-expression and strength of character (Leo). Leo’s flame is intense, passionate, and brings an element of warmth into your creative vision.

Make the most out of the Leo Full Moon!
Use these journal prompts to dig deeper into what emotions are driving you. Spend time in meditation contemplating key elements of your journaling process. It’s going to be a magical and mystical time that supports manifesting your desires.

Other Essential Tools
The uplifting smell of Wild Orange and peppermint will inspire creativity and motivate you to take action. This combination helps you feel that you can get the work done – no matter how difficult the task may be. Ylang Ylang helps resolve deep emotional wound and releasing traumatic events, helping your heart help and feel more buoyant. What oils are you drawn to or inspired by with the Leo Full Moon?

Create a ritual around the Leo Full Moon. Since Leo is a fire sign, make a list of whatever emotions, behaviors or patterns you want to release AND make a list of what you want to replace it with. Read the lists out loud, speaking from the heart. Then burn the lists, releasing your desires to the Universe.

What action am I inspired to take with the Leo Full Moon?

What will you release and reclaim with the Leo Full Moon?

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