Magicky ASL ~ class taught by me!

Hello y’all, just a quick checkin to nudge y’all who are continuing to do ASL education….. I’m offering a 8 week class series through Visually Speaking online; starting Sept 30, 2021 and continuing to November 18th, 2021. Please register at the Visually Speaking website! All the information is located there. Plus, y’all can follow both my Instagram: @heartofoak8 and Visually Speaking’s Instagram: @visuallyspeakingseattle. Updates will be posted there as well as on here.

This is the amazing Instagram artwork on @visuallyspeakingseattle for advertising my class!

I’m excited and grateful to have this opportunity; looking forward to teaching Magicky ASL and connecting with y’all through there! 🍂🌿🔮🌙🕯😊

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