March 2021 musings

This Saturday, the Pisces ♓️ dark new moon occurs at 2:21am PST/ 5:21am EST… with this current moment and in the coming next few days, it’s a great time to be doing inner work related to releasing, letting go, recycling, clearing out, and boundaries/protection rituals as well as activities.

Also, it is a good time for allowing the self to slow down, dream, engage with creative activities, and get a feel into what your dreams/creativity wants to share with you. Some examples of these things are: slow paced walks, journaling, coloring in a coloring book, reading a book, taking baths/showers/using Epsom salts, gentle stretches/yoga, etc.

It may feel challenging with the current Capricorn ♑️ moon to start that slowing down….however, it’ll be worth it! 😊

I’m available this week/weekend for dark new moon Pisces ♓️ readings/sessions ~ 20 mins = $20, 30 mins = $30, 45 mins = $45, and 60 mins/1 hour = $60. Payments are much appreciated via PayPal and Venmo (I will include $1 transfer fee with payments). Please feel welcome to contact me via here-my website:, email:, and/or Instagram dm @heartofoak8.

Blessings and look forward to connecting soon!!

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