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Gaia Earth Star daily planetary dance March 2nd 2017

Today we have the second Jupiter-Uranus opposition from libra to Aries. With Uranus, it is always about breakthrough and here it is clear that it is related to relationships. Relationship to self and thus others. We have a chance, as we stand strong yet soft within our I AM presence to magnetize through the Moon Goddess in Taurus all that truly supports our inner light, our Soul. Let me share with you that the Moon Goddess is making a trine to the north node in Virgo and is sextile to the south node in Pisces. This means we are through the eclipse portal very clear about what has been sabotaging us all along, the beliefs and past life drama possibly that has been attracting the kind of relationship and circumstances that kept us unconscious. With the trine to the north node in Virgo, it is a moment of clarity and breaking free. Liberate yourself says the Unicorn!!!

We have a chance today, to free ourselves from our past. This energy is really leading up to the next full moon in Virgo at 22 degree, the number of the sacred Divine feminine. Just say “thank you” and if that energy that you attracted in the past come back in any shape or form, be aware and make a different choice this time. Choose Love not fear as it is through true unconditional love that we liberate ourselves. Feel the freedom in making that choice for yourself, that loving choice for yourself and thus all others. It will manifest differently for all of us yet, today we are supported with the Moon, in grounded Taurus, to keep our boundaries clear and to sail ahead to the life our heart and soul truly desire. A life filled with Love, light and abundance and boundless miracles. Amen and so it is 🌈🦋☘️

An auspicious day to let go and forgive your past, with the ho’oponopono mantra

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

To self and any being in any time and space and beyond time and space that you still hold karmic ties to and from.

Repeat it feeling the words in your heart space and feeling the freedom around your heart and your whole being. Continue until you feel the closure, release and liberation. Do not rush this process. Be authentic with it.

Closing the door to the past and opening the door of the here and now which holds your bright and happy future as your true self.
Amen and so it is 🌸

Sending you my Unconditional Love Always🌹

Mother Goddess Blessings
Gaia Earth Star
“Rise and Shine”

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