*** March 5th, 2017 *** Seattle Metaphysical Marketplace ~ my table for woo work readings

Hello folx!

This is my lovely table setup this recent Sunday, march 5th, 2017, at Seattle Metaphysical Marketplace.

Im grateful for this second time opportunity to offer my woo work readings at this Marketplace. Tis still a new community space as well as Im feeling it out with the folx who gather there with their wares and offerings/services. It feels good though; I feel I may do a third time… see see…. Third time the charm, perhaps, for more folx visiting my table…

Also, my heart is grateful though for the moments of having made eye contact, greeted, connected shortly with, and offered readings with folx thus far ~ curious to see what could unfold more with this space… hmmm…

The rent for table/chairs is such a reasonable price and I consider it a investment for this kind of visibility! The total for this 2nd time came to $13 ~ magick number! 😉 For sure, i feel that is a good sign for me to continue exploring with this.

With that all said, Im grateful for the warmth and generous hospitality of Luna and her team who runs the Seattle Metaphysical Marketplace ~ that warmth and energy for sure feels very visceral and palpable in a assured feeling kind of way 😀


It is possible that I will be tabling for the April 2017 Metaphysical Marketplace ~ Stay tuned for more details 😉



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