** May 2022 musings **

Hello folx,

just a quick announcement: Magicky ASL class is postponed until further updstes. Thankees for the patience, understanding, and its much appreciated! 🙏✨✨

On a different note, theres alot of cosmic energy swirling out there… we’re not quite out of eclipse season or mercury retrograde. The moon currently is darkening in Taurus and Venus JUST transited into Taurus. The new dark moon in Gemini will occur at 430 am PST on monday, May 30th 2022. Mercury will transit direct station june 3 then we will be officially out of both Mercury post retrograde shadow and eclipse season…. More soon on the astro weather in a bit….

Continue to practice grounding rituals, self care practices, self regulation, co-regulation, and feeling/listening with y’all’s intuition and remembering to be extra kind and caring with communications ~ both with the self and with each other ~ right now. 🌙✨✨🧚🏼‍♂️🙏

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