*** Mercury retrograde & eclipse season sept ***

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Hullo folx!

My apology for the delay with updates on here. Things certainly have been swirling around with all this intense cosmic energy! It felt important to share these two images ~ first, the Mercury Retrograde image (which I found while scrolling one of my Facebook groups ~ Empowering Possibilities with ASL) and second, the Understanding Eclipses image via Sage Goddess online as well.

I have to chuckle wryly now since I had my own little energy stress meltdown as I thought I wasn’t able to access this website infrastructure ~ however, when I grounded down, breathed a bit, then found the original link for this and decided to try one more time with logging in … And presto! It worked. Funny how the gods work. I’m grateful for it and happy now I can access this and connect with y’all!

I appreciate your patience, flexibility, and being understanding with my little tech stress meltdown. Haha. *wry chuckle* Thankees! 😉

Oh these cosmic swirlings indeed ARE intense! Oy. Ha!

This recent New Moon portal had also a Solar eclipse ~ BIG energy indeed. The Full moon takes place September 16th; there will be a lunar eclipse with this one. Tis important to take time and be super clear, as clear as possible, with the intentions you want to send out with this Full Moon… Then there will be a Black moon, September 30th. Black Moon is just simply another term for second New Moon occuring in the same month space ~ in this case, September this month.

Some exciting updates are brewing and they’ll be posted ASAP!



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