*** Mercury Retrograde (natal/birth chart) readings NOW available ****

*** Mercury/Hermes ***
This card is from the gods & titans tarot deck ~

**** Mercury Retrograde ~ natal/birth chart readings NOW available ****

We are currently in the pre-shadow space of time prior to Mercury retrograde in Virgo coming up in early August. Are you already feeling it?

Mercury retrograde occurs at least 3x, if not 4x, a year. Each cycle has a specific energy being worked with. This one occurs in Virgo.

Ideal timing now to start backing up data, take care of technological related issues/items, schedule travel plans before actual retrograde unfolds, review review review messages before sending them out, practing the Rs ~ release, review, recycle, and reassess ~ among other things during this time.

While retrograde unfolds:
Remember to practice extra patience/flexibility, breathing, grounding down, not letting assumptions get in the way of things, jumping to conclusions ~ and ~ if travel/road construction delays occur, then try to find the magic in the detours 😉

Laughter and finding the silver lining both are great stress release practices during this time.

A great way to figure out how to work with your natal Mercury? Take a look at your natal/birth chart and locate where your mercury is placed. This will give more insight to how to work with this energy…. If youre not sure how to do this, then please do contact me and book a Mercury retrograde chart reading!

Id be happy to co create this magic with you!

Blessings and light!


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