*** Mercury retrograde sessions STILL avail til April 16, 2018 ***

Yup, folx, Mercury is still retrograde and this is just the beginning…. leading up to a summer of retrograde planets…. what a wild ride we’ve been on with mercury thus far 😉

I’m hoping it’s more of Freddie Mercury rather than too much of a retrograde felt unfolding for y’all… if that’s not the case, then here’s a lil nudge!

My mercury retrograde readings/sessions are STILL available til April 16, 2018!!

Rates are reasonable and please book sessions via my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

There ARE several sliding scale spots available ~ if you’re queer diverse, witchy, woo-y, POC, disabled/alter-abled, etc then please lmk if this is what you need!

Thankees and looking forward to working with ya! Blessings!


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