*** Mercury STILL Retrograde*** ~ jan. 2017

Hello yall~

Currently, Mercury is STILL in retrograde. He (Mercury) will turn direct station beginning on 8th january…. itll take about a week or so-ish til things start to feel more forward motion. That means what? Be patient with your selves if things seem to be slow moving and dont try to rush or push the process. Just allow it to unfold as meant to…. and trust the process.

The two photos with golden colors on them are via Planets by Zoe on social media (Facebook). The other two, i found through social media as well via browsing and resonating with certain quotes/graphics/messages.

It felt apropos to post this as a gentle reminder that things are still in process as well as to remember to breathe, ground down, and not take on other peoples energies. If youre noticing your inherent sensitivities are heightened, then it is nothing to worry about. It is normal since we are journeying through a very BIG energy portal which is crossing through different transits, cosmic sky wise. Right now, especially, it is important to continue to do your self care rituals and practice both grounding down and shielding/filtering in-0ut energies via your energy bodies.


Also: there is a Full Moon in Cancer coming up the 12th january. That’s a whole other scenario since theres a Cardinal Grand Cross happening about the same time as the Cancer Full Moon. I will write more on that later.


In the meanwhile, make offerings to Hermes aka Mercury ~ if you feel called to. It definitely will not do harm if you do this! He is a psychpomp (messenger between realms) ~ in fact: he is the only god (other than the goddess Hecate) who has the ultimate power to move through and between ALL realms. Quite interesting character he is! … and continue to practice self care, grounding and shielding, and being extra aware of how you choose to use technology items, etc.

Placing crystals and/or other items close to technological items are a great idea ~ id suggest clear Quartz among others.


Blessings and i will post again soon!

~Mr. Thorne

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