*** midsummer solstice& (beckoning soon) Capricorn full moon sessions NOW avail til June 30, 2018 ***

*** Midsummer Solstice & (soon coming) Capricorn Full Moon Readings/Sessions NOW available until June 30, 2018 ***

Please note ~ I will be away from Portland Oregon Area to SunFest during June 21-24 and returning back to the city on June 24. If you’re already going to SunFest & wanting a reading with me, then please find me there! Id love to offer my magiky support!

I will be back from SunFest June 24, Sunday, and will need a day or two for recoup then will be available for sessions/readings focused on the energies of midsummer solstice and the (soon beckoning) Capricorn full moon.

Thankees for the understanding and patience in that.

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com

My Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services
Facebook group: Spirit Oracle
Instagram: heartofoak8

I look forward to scheduling with y’all and co-creating some absolutely lovely magik! * sparkle, whooosh Fae dust *



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