Midsummer solstice -part one

Magick certainly is afoot!

I left my friend and her wife’s property – the farm/vineyard and returned back to the City – Portland, Oregon, that is… All in good time; funny thing, I had thought for a second that it was Monday when it’s really Sunday. Wry chuckle. Quite fitting that it’s Suns day and it’s Midsummer Solstice. A strong feeling of death, life, rebirth, transformation in the air today for sure.

Stag/ deer magick certainly were making their presences strong and clear to me; I saw a young buck deer when driving into the property where the vineyard and farm is at. Then, today, when leaving the property area, I saw another deer – a doe, I think.

Later, tonight, I had a conversation with a friend who’s into tarot and magick as I am. They kept sending me different pictures they found especially of deer and/or stag imagery then we talked a bit about Ingrid Kincaid, the Rune Woman- she’s doing some important work, Ingrid is. She’s going to go to the Sami people, the indigenous folx who live up near the Artic circle and learn some important medicines from a Sami medicine woman then come back to America and share these teachings. Such important work she’s doing, especially now in our time. I am definitely planning to attend ingrid’s event in early August so I can know more about it.

Im choosing to pay attention and feel into what more is coming up with the deer/stag imagery and/ or medicines.

Today/tonight has been a pretty quiet solstice day/night for me. It seems to be what I needed instead of a lot of noise and movement. Just being in quiet space, letting thoughts and feels unfold and see what comes to mind/hearts eyes. I’m feeling so so so much appreciation for a lot right now, especially. Simple foods. Good light wine. Garden harvested green peas. Solar dried clean laundry. Woo work clients’ payment follow through. Garden foraged raspberries and blueberries, just to name a few things.

More thoughts to come on the morrow….

midsummer solstice night blessings,

mr. Thorne

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