Midwinter Season musings & gratitudes…..

Hello y’all!

It’s midwinter season currently unfolding…. The Yule fair that I vended at this past weekend – it went really well! Lots of conversations, some connections, and one paying client/donation for a reading! Not bad at all…. I’m super grateful for all the goodness and magic that’s unfolded from that so far….


A lot has been flowing through my mind and heart these days. Many different themes and feelings have come up around varying pieces from gratitude to forgiveness to miracles to compassion to healing to letting go and many other touchstones.

Magic is certainly real and so is hope. Hope is so essential especially at this time of Deepening and awaiting the rebirth of the Light. In these days, it is even more important we come together as a global village as well as connecting with our tribe, chosen families, and families of other forms. We must remember that life isn’t always the same everyday. Life is such a gift.

Ive been experiencing my own personal challenges of figuring out how to not “buy into” that corporate advertising of the ‘perfect’ family and heteronormative culture of how to things, etc. That is not how reality actually is. Many queer youth are rejected and sent away – after coming out and speaking their truth of who they truly are – from homes of origin during the winter holidays. Many queer and/or gender  diverse folk have triggers around family of origin and many deep wounds or scars around this time that flame up or are touched upon. This is true. Unfortunately true.

Kindness, compassion, generosity of heart, open minds, open hearts, complete acceptance or willingness to appreciate differences are so so so so essential especially at this time of year.

The website: www.yourholidaymom.com – this is an amazing project and a huge heart light in these challenging days. This is a important project to support!


I’m currently feeling into what I may end up doing for winter solstice. I’m not feeling called to do High Ceremony in a ritual sense for this sacred magickal portal-day. More likely something of the simple, folk like magic calls to me and feels right. We shall see what will unfold then….

The new moon in Sagittarius is on the 11th of December. Hopefully this new moon portal shall be a gentle, lovely one. I’ve a feeling this new moon and the Cancer full moon on the 25th both will be HUGE portals in their individual and collective ways. Lots of energy swirling for sure!

Im grateful also that I had the opportunity to donate three of my woo work gift certificates for the winter solstice soirée event held by cascadia free witch camp here in Portland, recently on Sunday evening. It felt really good to do that. Plus, three is a magic filled number. Always so good to work with threes 😉

In addition to that, I’m honored to have the opportunity to donate a few of my woo work gift certificates as door prizes for the last Dirty Queer event here in Portland…. That’s happening in early January 2016. I’ll post up the details when the time gets closer! 🙂

That’s my musings for now. More to come soon!

-mr. Thorne

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