money stories, clearings and healings….

Hello folks!

I realize that money can be a tricky and sensitive territory to address. Everyone has their own traumas, deep wounds and/or stories around money and related factors with that.

For me, it was a emotional related factor with having had two powerful realizations and remembering memories saturated with energies having come from two female members of my family of origins.

I needed to release these these in order to be able to step more fully into claiming and grounding deeper with my self worth and self value around money and knowing I deserve the best flow and balance when it comes to doing the work I love to do. I recognized this as a important step forward into creating more of and abundant space to manifest for me with the flow of tangible income related to the livelihood service income space.

(side note: I feel this partly ties also into the continuing work I’ve been doing with healing wounds related with family of origin lines  namely the Mother line, meaning female ancestors and/or living members. That’s a whole other story for another time! 😉 )

A dear friend of mine encouraged me to try a visual of imagining these memories trickling down through my body like rain, returning back to the earth mother and letting it be cleared, grounded, and transformed. That visual was very helpful since I’m such a sensitive to energy kind of person!

Also, it felt right in imagining it being like rain since water is the element related with emotions. Water is a powerful conduit for many things, including lightning. Water moves things especially through some deep place like canyons and river banks. Those stones in the river banks that are deeply smoothed over and bear the mark of how the water currents have moved them. That’s powerful. It’s very similar to the canyons. The lines in the earth walls of these canyons show the water levels, how they’ve evolved, and the waters in the canyons show how they’ve carved their way through these places. Very powerful.

It’s quite similar to how our emotions are…. In how we choose to direct energy and emotions, it can be a powerhouse of magic and healing. Many wounds can be cleared and healed. The same goes with returning memories and stories stored in our emotional and energetically bodies – those that are not ours, we can return them back to Source and/or to those who that we’ve identified which they belong to.

We are ALL deserving of abundance in ALL forms. We are ALL worthy and valuable. We are ALL deserving to do work we LOVE to do, our individual heart calling work and service, not just what “society” says we “should” do.

Right now, Im so so so grateful for having had these powerful realizations. Because of them, I can fully move forward and fully claim deeper the Abundant flow of tangible income to manifest in relationship with the work I LOVE to do!

I also choose to believe that it is more than ok for me to reassess and readjust the numbers for what I ask in energy return for the services i provide…. I choose to believe that i WILL and AM more than worthy of a steady, grounded flowing tangible income manifesting and starting right now. So mote it be!

Side note: I feel this is all part of the pre-shadow work with Venus in retrograde coming up soon on July 25th. Why do I feel this? Well, Venus is considered the small planet associated with money, value, fashion, beauty, art, creativity, inspiration, romance, love of all forms, and relationships of all forms.

I will write a bit more on Venus in retrograde as time comes nearer for it. Also, the second full moon of July happens on the 31st. It is a blue moon so to speak, meaning what? It’s rare for two full moons in one month. I encourage you to keep a eye out on the cosmic sky activity and tune into the energies that are flowing…. It’ll be even more important as the next 3 months come to unfold.

Bright blessings,
-mr. Thorne

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