Musings on Love…..

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Many celebrate this in the traditional way: roses and chocolate making many things/reasons. A huge focus is on the romantic and the erotic during this time. Some propose marriage. Some wreck havoc with others’ hearts. Some commit to a deeper connection.

I, personally, don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in the traditional manner.  It feels very much over-commercialized in too many ways to say in here. It is a conflicting kind of time for me. Why? On one hand, yes, quite honestly , my Cancer moon would like to share some intimate time with a Dear One.. Yet, at the same time, it is very much rare …. If ever I’m in the same town as a Dear One. On the other hand, I don’t appreciate the over-emphasized focus on couples, romantic and erotic overtures, etc etc etc…

My relationship with Valentine’s Day has been like a journey in itself…. Sometimes it swings erratically; sometimes it spins. It’s different every year. It’s similar to my evolving perspectives and experiences re. Love.

I feel Love, in All it’s forms, is a Everyday-Everynight thing; not just to be concentrated in one single day and night.

The dark shadows, wounds, and scars of Love-inflicted experiences need to be heard, recognized, named, let go of, and healed. Some of these can be done quickly. Others take a far longer time.

The brightness and Light of Love can heal on Deep levels, even the invisible places in the heart… If we choose to allow that healing to unfold.

I am more than grateful for those who I call my tribe, chosen family, pack-fellows, beloved sibling, among many others. I’m grateful to be reminded that yes, I’m loved. I’m more than enough. I’m valued by many. I’m deeply honored and blessed to be co-creating with Spirit this great Dance of Life, this Path I’m walking this lifetime.

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating Love in the ways I feel aligned to where I’m at, currently, on my Path.

More thoughts on this later,

mr. Thorne

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