***Musings: Tomorrow ~ Sagittarius Full Moon ~ and june 9th ~

Hello folx~

Checking in with yall with a couple thoughts surrounding tomorrow’s Sagittarius full moon and it being on 9th June…

Tomorrow is June 9th ~ its a busy cosmic sky activity day ~ Sagittarius full moon, saturn squaring the moon, and Jupiter going direct after being retrograde for a long while since February! Phew. What a ride we are heading in with this full moon woo portal ~

The number 9 ~ this number vibrates with the energies of both a old cycle dying/releasing as well as a new cycle birthing/manifesting into the Now. This ties in very closely to where I’m at since right now I’ve been in the process of stepping into a whole new human year circle ~ turning the age of 39…. SO much here for me. Mmmm.

More thoughts soon….


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