Naraya decomp part one

Today has been a mix of different layers, to be sure. I’m feeling so so so much gratitude and feeling full in heart with all the goodness that has abounded. Yesterday was the closing day for Naraya ceremony. Today, so far, has been a mellow and go with the flow kinda day – as there has not been ceremony and more of a quieter feel to the Land now that many folx have left in their own times.

Earlier today, I had a moment of feeling frustrated and upset that someone – whoever it has been – put my bag of salmon jerky on the common food table in the big barn where we have gathering meals while ceremony is going on. It took me a bit of time to work through my initial upset and frustrated feelings then I listened with Spirit asking why it bothered me in that way. I realized that even if I has labeled the bag clearly with my name on it so no one would eat it – that someone disregarded it anyway…..

In that, I felt my boundary had been crossed, that no permission has been asked or did I feel respected with that…. Then I thought about it some more… I felt into that it’s possible that it wasn’t intentional with whoever it was that put the jerky on the table. Maybe they were tired, or in a hurry to clean up as Naraya container has been closed. Maybe they hadn’t taken the time to stop and ask who that bag belonged to. I cannot assume what happened. Then I felt into it some more… It is possible someone else needed some salmon medicine. Who knows? Again, I cannot assume.

I’m just grateful indeed I was able to retrieve it and be able to enjoy the last bit of it- the salmon jerky. It is quite tasty and I’m glad I let myself give myself permission to buy this jerky specifically for this gathering. That is a piece connected to my continued workings around with abundance, relationships of money and sustenance, and being able to taste salmon jerky which is a new way of experiencing that medicine for me. Now, because of that, now I want to learn how to make my own smoked salmon jerky. It will be q good way of food especially for when I go into more of a nomadic Traveler life with work and service.

I also had a experience with buffalo medicine during yesterday’s Spirit feast. I will share more on that later. I’m still sitting with that experience and want to share it in a good way, when it is the right time.

That’s my thoughts for now. It’s time for me to get offline and back out in the woods. I will ever treking back North toward Portland, Oregon tomorrow. My phone will be turned back on as well during that. Please be patient and understand with my slow pace of decompression and getting back into contact. Many Thankees you for your continued support of my medicine work and what I bring out there. It is truly important and it means a lot to be receiving your support, especially right now.

I will write another update soon.
Blessings be,
Mr. Thorne

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