Naraya decomp, part two

hello folx!

just checking in quick and to share a few things as my Naraya decomp process continues. I’ll be leaving Portland tomorrow-Friday and not returning back til Sunday, the 21st. That’s right, midsummer solstice is this weekend! Auspicious timing indeed for my friend and her wife who are celebrating their wedding this Saturday!

Midsummer solstice is the time when  the sun is at its highest zenith, a time full of magic, joy,  and abundance. Tis quite a powerful portal to work magick and ritual surrounding money, abundance, healing, growth, community, sustenance, etc. After solstice passes, then the sun will start waning and  the harvest festivals will begin happening in succession. The first harvest festival is Lammastide, or other known as Lughnasad. The second one is Autumn Equinox. The third one is All Hallows’, or better known as Samhain.

The website: includes some really good practices and/or ideas for tuning into the midsummer Solstice energy. I encourage you to check it out!

Now, back to the point of midsummer solstice this weekend – it’ll be a welcome respite for me to be back in the woods for a bit, away from the city, and to have a bit of a rest as I’m continuing my post-Naraya decomp process. My friend and her wife have a vineyard and farm; it’ll be lovely space and I’m already excited for this brief getaway 🙂


Earlier this week, when the Naraya container closed and I started my first day of decomp process, I had the opportunity to have a good conversation with two friends of mine about the current situation with the Rainbow Gathering and the black hills in South Dakota, here in the States. I felt really good with that conversation, why? More open dialogue and connection on seeing how important it is to honor, respect and approach the elders of indigenous tribes in the appropriate ways in regards to bringing an event or gathering to their tribal lands. It is essential to do that in the proper ways since it will show a desire to be in right relationship with the tribal lands, the people who live and/or use these lands for their personal ceremonies, etc.

In that same conversation, the question arose of how to be of good support to the younger folx who are now rising up and becoming activists… We all agreed education, education, education… That’s a big key. Also, another key is to bring in the open again the oral traditions and the teachings that have been held sacroscent for decades, if not centuries. I brought up the point of in every culture, there is a oral tradition and the stories shared, given, and kept sacred from generation to generation – that needs to be brought back into the open again. Stories hold powerful medicines for healing, grief work, change and shifting this current paradigm. I believe and feel that deeply.

Spider medicine is part of that. The unweaving of old threads and weaving of new threads among other aspects of this medicine.

More thoughts soon!

Mr. Thorne



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