*** Natal Astro chart consults/sessions ~ Leo full moon + lunar eclipse ~ NOW available!!! ***

Hullo folx!

I’m checking back in with another announcement….

The Leo full moon + lunar eclipse occurs during January 20-21, 2019. This full moon is also known as the Wolf Moon.

Eclipse seasons tend to happen once every six months in the year. We are still reverberating from the recent Capricorn new moon + partial solar eclipse and currently are in the Eclipse gateway lininal woo space, energy wise. This is a really great time to consider deeply what to weave together as intentions and how to take inspired steps in action towards and within these intentions crafted during this time.

If y’all are feeling off-kilter or wonky with moving through this current Eclipse season, then I encourage the practice of grounding and self care to be increased during this magical portal time. Being kind and gentle with your selves is extra important right now; I know I can say this for myself! 🙂😊🌲🐾

Another woo work service offering specifically for this Full Moon in Leo + lunar eclipse portal: Natal Astro chart consults/sessions!

$30/half hour and $50/50 minute mini consults and $100 for a full hour in-depth  session ~ (this is a super amazing SPECIAL deal due to my regular hourly fee tends to be $125 for in-depth sessions!) ~

This current special offering is only available until January 25, 2019!

Please book your mini consults/sessions via my woo work website: www.spirirtoracle.com OR Paypal.me/ThorneDavis. Y’all’s support of my woo work livelihoods are truly much deeply valued and appreciated! Many blessings! 💜💚✨✨✨🌙🌕

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