*new moon, beltaine, etc*

greetings,  happy new moon!! *sparkle*

i saw the faint sickle shaped moon last night, wow, what a lovely magickal sight! it never ceases to delight me especially when i see the moon arrive as crescent phase and continue waxing into full moon ~ Mother Nature certainly ’tis something! may this new moon bring blessings and rejuvenation as y’all contemplate on new ‘seeds’ aka projects, ideas, plans, and so forth to plant and manifest as you walk on your paths!

as of other news: the beltaine call went out recently from wolf creek radical faerie sanctuary/Land! i’m truly excited and looking forward to seeing how Beltaine festivities shall unfold this turning of the season, whee! *sparkle* if any of y’all are contemplating beltaine plans & are friends of radical fae folk and/or actively involved with radical fae community, then i more than encourage you to check out the beltaine call @ www.nomenus.org… ’tis all fancy and dandy if registration happens earlier than later ~ also, ’tis better for the faeries @ the Land & for us too! *whooosh faerie dust*

i’ll post up more info re. beltaine festivities, etc soon!

bright blessings *sparkle*

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