New moon in Aquarius and mercury in retro portal

Hello folx!

this new moon and mercury in retro portal has definitely been a super big, deep one! Lots of expanded energy while whirling around has been felt by me as this portal has been unfolding. I’ve noticed a constant theme of life and death being Seen and felt in some powerful ways among other things here….

I was thinking today how it’s a powerful blessing that I’ve been able to witness/officiate at three different unions/hand fasting as well holding space, doing medicine work in connection with new ancestors entering through the Veil and/or preparing to; both animal and human ancestor-work I’ve connected with in different ways/approaches….

my heart feels deeply humble-graced-touched to be able to hold this specific space for folx as they experience the whole spectrum of grief and loss. It is a deep gift I cherish fiercely from Spirit to witness this. I value so much much much the trust of those who come to me in their times of need especially when it’s related intimately to them in a loss-journey that is unfolding for them…

it is a deep honor for me to serve as a spiritual midwife for those great times of crossroads and loss-journeys.

I feel beyond grateful to be shown by Spirit that right now, today still,  folx indeed do need and have a seeking for ceremony, ritual, and magic especially during these harrowing times along one’s life path-journey. My heart is excited to offer more ceremony and blessing rituals in the near future.

This is one of many aspects of medicine work that I love to work with; it is such richness and Spirit-drenched-ness.

There’s more that’s been coming through for me. I will write again soon and share.

Many blessings,

Mr.  Thorne

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