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Pisces New Moon Eclipse, February 26 2017

Been feeling a little off kilter? Or maybe like you’ve been wading into familiar, uncomfortable waters? Or maybe you feel like your emotional and intuitive body is taking you on the ride of your life, crashing you through the waves of uncharted territory. Wherever you are at, stable/unstable, grounded/ungrounded, comfortable/uncomfortable, know and TRUST that this is where you are meant to be, and all that you are going through is leading you into a higher state of being. Discomforts bring you growth and create space for creation to take place, and if you feel like you are riding the waves of unconditional love and bliss, hang on! Because it’s about to elevate to an even higher vibration.

With the energy of the previous Full Moon Eclipse leading us deep into our shadows, identifying, acknowledging and accepting what was within there — and releasing what was no longer serving our highest good — we have begun to embody and accept even more of our complete and full selves. This can be a big shift and change for some! This requires some recalibration within the physical, spiritual AND emotional body. Whenever there is a shift within anything, the center point changes and moves, to reestablish our balance, we need to recalibrate and smooth out our new surfaces and allow the new energies coming in and the energies leaving to do so with ease and grace. The period between the Full Moon and this New Moon has been all about reestablishing and finding that inner balance and acceptance, with the energy of the Eclipses being present, this can lead to some very intense experiences.

Leading into the energy of this New Moon, you may have noticed your body beginning to purge itself; you may have fallen ill, gotten a weird flu bug out of nowhere, purging can happen in a number of ways.. but basically think of ways that fluids may have excessively been leaving your body; fever, flu etc. This is your body taking over and getting rid of whatever it is that you are no longer needing, if you skipped your lessons and release from the Full Moon.. your body is now doing the work for you, or if you missed something, your body is ensuring you that you are getting the cleanest possible slate for you to create and embody your intentions for this powerful New Moon Eclipse. — notice the connection on how the body is purging and the current elemental signs we are working with?, water, fluids, moisture of all kinds, are of great purpose during this time. Nourish yourself with lots of fresh water, spring water if it is available to you, spend time in the bath or the waters around you, maybe attend a sweat lodge or visit a sauna or steam room. All of these things will help your body process and integrate the energies being gifted at this time.

This New Moon is all about embracing your inner truth, and coming into your intuitive and creative nature. We can literally create anything we direct our intentions to, and this is enhanced greatly with the double Pisces energy (Sun and Moon) and the power of the Eclipse. With the Eclipse, the light which typically lights our path for us – the light of the Sun – will temporarily be blocked out by the Moon, putting us in a position to totally trust in our inner knowing, and following the guidance within our hearts. Stimulate your emotions, and allow your emotions to flow freely without any restriction, but create an understanding of what you are feeling by using your intuition.. this will help to guide you through this period of disconnect from the light we are typically used to. Trust in your intuition and ground into the Earth to create some stability for yourself while you wade into these waters.

In the languages of love, this also poses a very intriguing time of great shifts and evolution within the areas of romantics. The world is collectively shifting into vibrations of unconditional love, while this is extremely beautiful and needed, it is also a very large shift, and when we flow into the ways of this love, emotions and connections can become a little contradicting at times.. unconditional love allows us space for substantial inner growth and healing, it uncovers anything standing in the way of coming into this vibrational way of being. Expect triggers to be set off, expect discomforts to be felt, expect space to be needed… but also, expect a loving space and energy to surround you during all of this. Create this love and space for yourself, and embrace yourself with open arms, love yourself unconditionally, and you shall receive this energy in return in one way or another. Trust in this. Remembering also, that relationships, of all kinds, are a reflection of self being shown to you, notice how you react to certain scenarios, notice how the actions of others make you feel.. what within you is being reflected back to you? What area of self is calling to you from your depths and asking you for your loving energy and acceptance?. Gaze into your inner waters, when you get past the surface, there is a whole other world awaiting you for exploration.

Create your intentions from your inner truth and your heart space, raise the bar for what you think you deserve, and then raise it again, and again, you are limitless in your potential! Trust in the knowing you hold within your minds eye, trust in your connection to all things and the power of unity that surrounds you. Cleanse and purify your body, and allow your body – energetic, emotional, and physical – to become rejuvenated. And most importantly, let go. Let go of anything that you thought you knew… release all attachment… expect the unexpected… and welcome it with open arms, embrace the change you are going through, allow yourself to set sail into the unknown waters of your new adventure.

New Moon Eclipse Blessings to you all!

Jordi Klassen
Inner Awakenings

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