New woo work journal and some productivity!


Hullo folx!

Ive been in Tacoma, Washington for a while. This is a photo of a new woo work journal I purchased for myself with the thinking of abundance, growing more of a sustainable living woo work income, and connecting deeper with Egyptian woo, especially Isis -She’s been making Herself present a lot more recent with me. It’s felt like a deep comfort and reminder that I am indeed held by the Universe… That what I bring out there into the world with the medicines I offer ARE of use and of need with the people who feel drawn to them. I’ve reaffirmed my trust and choice in trusting the Universe in bringing the flow of living woo work income to me especially right now.

Yesterday, I started working on a new art collage project with holding that intention and I’m almost done. It felt good to invest into myself and the process of this by buying a vision board kit, using three kinds of colors for the paper, and writing a few affirmations on it. It’s almost done- the back side will be affixed with a woo coloring page of an owl with a tree and money in it.

I’ve  been calling it my owl abundance woo project. It feels good to combine these two to add some oooomph to this abundance woo that I’m working 🙂

I’m grateful for taking time to do this because I feel this is already and will manifest what I need currently in many ways. Also, it’s a physical Item of my telling the Universe I choose to trust and believe! That trust can be scary sometimes. Yet, it is so important and I’ve been receiving reminders to remember to source my trust in Love, not fear. Love is limitless. Love vibrates with a much higher, richer resonance of energy and manifestation. That is powerful. So powerful.

Those are my thoughts for now. More soon!

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