*** November 2022 ***

Hello folx, its already November! Samhain/Halloween has occured ~ however, lunar Samhain will be happening soon. I’m looking forward to that. Anyway, just a quick checkin to let y’all know that I’m returning as an panelist for this MeWe Panel discussion later this month! I was born during the new dark moon phase so I’m excited & curious to what could manifest during this discussion 🙏✨🌙🔮

This info is also shared on my instagram page as well as the MeWe Fairs instagram page & the website: www.MeWeFairs.com ~ go check it out!! This event is ASL interpreted & live captioned via Zoom platform online. I’m looking forward to connecting with y’all there virtually!

Side note: next week, November 8: full moon 🌕 in Taurus ♉️ & lunar eclipse AND the midterm elections!! GO VOTE!!!

More soon!! 🙏✨🔮🌙✨

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