*** NW Magic Conference, April 2018 ~ #3 musings ***

As it is belated…. still, there is a timing with things being shared. It felt right now with sharing this #3 post regardint to my integration from this recent April’s NW Magic Conference.

On Saturday, April 21, the day began with Haylin Belay, the keynote speaker, then two workshops after that with a lunch break in between workshops. The first workshop I attended was Shayne Case, “Tracing our Soul Origins… Stone Magic…. there was trance work meditation included in that session. The second workshops I attended after lunch break was Pomengrante Doyle’s “The Earth Temple”. Again, trance work meditation woven in with the space of Labrynith and the Minatour. Very interesting and powerful experience!

The second day, Sunday, April 22nd… I attended a second workshop by Pomengtante Doyle; the topic “Inviting the Fae into Our Lives”. The second workshop was “Mind, Body, and Spirit” by Haylin Belay. I stayed partially for that workshop then listened to my body and left the workshop ~ going outside for fresh air, sunshine, and restful chat with my ASL interpreters/friends. The last workshop I attended that day was “The Medicine in my Grandmother’s Chai”, presented by Kirin Bhatti. I stayed partially for that workshop and left soon after they served the chai.

Each workshop offered something and I’m grateful for all the insights and magickyness experienced as well as integrated through the Conference. I especially appreciated the Conference folx checking in with me regarding to ASL access, etc. It was wonderful overall!

I feel truly grateful for being able to attend on scholarship and that there are scholarships available for this type of community event. 💜💚❤️🔮🦄🌈🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️✨


The website for this Conference: www.nwmagicconference.com

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