~ October 2021 ~

Hello y’all ~ just checking in to announce that I’m excited about a couple new projects and things currently brewing in my wootastical work cauldron including an upcoming this month-October event collaboration with Given Davis from Blooming Fire Healing ~~~ more details to come SOON with all that!!

it’s October already and that means Samhaintide is gonna be right around the corner SOON 🎃🍂🦇🦉🕯🔮🖤✨✨✨ … I’ve been already feeling the pull to hunker down, get cozy, bake, and create in a variety of ways. Halloween aka All Hallows’ and Shadowfest is one of my several favorite times of the year. Last night, I watched the movie Coco as one of my activities related to tuning energetically into with the ancestors and magic of the veils and portals thinning right now. I’ll be most likely making more apple peach cobbler as well as working with my hearth altar in the coming days as well as sitting with the tarot decks who’d want to energetically support y’all’s readings/sessions during this month-October and next month-November.

Oh, how time non-linearity flows these days…. Mercury retrograde in libra ♎️ is still happening til October 18th…. so, hang in there, folx… we’re almost there!

The hunter’s moon aka October full moon in Aries ♈️ 🌕 is happening on October 20th (more on that later)…. I’ll be offering full moon 🌕 readings online through the technological portals of Zoom, FaceTime, and Google duo apps. Half hour readings are $65 and Full hour readings are $125 ~ along with an added $1 fee. Payments are greatly appreciated and received via PayPal and Venmo. All readings/sessions are accessible with ASL (American Sign Language) and are deaf/hoh friendly.

The artwork in this tarot card is done by Mickie Mueller. The name of this tarot deck is Well Worn Path deck.

I hope y’all are doing well and regulating y’all bodies in good ways as we all are navigating some pretty intense and wild astrological weather 🌎✨✨✨ please do feel welcome to drop me a line if a reading is in order and I’ll be honored to hold that sacred magical space with you. Blessings of this Samhaintide season 🍂🎃🔮🦇🦌🦉🕯🖤

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