**** October 23rd, 2016 **** OWOW Fair! <3


Hullo folx!!

This October certainly is feeling magicky already~ with the shiftings of the weather ~ feeling the winds, leaves dancing on the wind and streets, pulling for warmer clothing layers, being cozy, root vegetables and other tasty dishes and brews being craved among other things….

Ive got some happy news! I shall be vending my woo workings (as practioner) at OWOW (other worlds of wonder) ~ their october Fair this month! Excited and looking forward to seeing what magickyness and abundance will unfold ….

Im grateful for this as one of the many lovely ways for me to immerse into the Samhain and Ancestors days portals ~ season, hm? 😉

Much love, light, gratitude and blessings…. see you around the magicky realms,



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