October travels & Mercury retrograde chuckles….

Hello folx!

I’m currently safe in at San Francisco airport where my in-transit point for changing planes from Portland (OR) to Boston, Massachusetts…. It turned out to be pretty easy to find my gate that I’d be departing from for Boston. I had to laugh since it was the gate I deboarded here (SF). Haha. One of the several wry chucklings I’ve experienced today of Mercury retrograde and much less anxiety now. Phew…..

Two wry Mercury retrograde chucklings happened earlier today; one – couldn’t find something at Walgreens pharmacy for the second time – figure third time the charm it’ll be when I arrive at Massachusetts for that… and… two – my first cab left then a second one was dispatched to collect me for the Portland airport. So grateful I was able to text message with Radio Cab (taxi) rather than call. Phew!

Another wry Mercury retrograde chuckle I had on the plane to here-SF…. The lady who sat next to my right side – she clearly seemed to be of the religious type. I had to chuckle to myself imside my body, why? Well, I’m a witch among other things… I wonder what she would’ve thought if she knew she had sat next to a practicing Witch? ?

I was pleasantly surprised to see how accessible the free wifi is here in the SF airport. A good thing, I feel, so I can write this – since I had said I’d write a entry yesterday on here and ended up delayed in that, obviously…. Another twist of Mercury retrograde… Heh!

It’ll be interesting to see how the Magick unfolds as I continue onwards with my travels to Boston, Massachusetts….

On a different note, I’ve been thinking a lot about Salem, Massachusetts an different threads with that… There are two spots among others I feel most drawn to re. Salem…. 1) Gallows Hill – where most of the accused witches died and 2) the house of one of the men who wee on the committee running the Salem witch trials. I’m curious to see how the energies will feel in these spots….

For sure, no doubt it will be a very interesting experience!

Thats my thoughts for now… more soon to come!

-mr. Thorne



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