*** October, welcome a new month ***


Hello folx ~

Welcome to a new month, October! Definitely MUCH energy has been flowing through with this recent black new moon portal and still unfolding and reverberating for sure…. !! It’s important to continue doing self care practices and be as grounded as possible while all this DEEP energy continues to fly and swirl and brew….

Im currently taking a online courses via Brandi Auset and the Goddess Mystery School. This course is aligned with the Orisha, goddess Oshun. River Mother among other aspects reflect who She is. Im excited and curious to see how this month long online course shall unfold and how i connect with this energy… should be interesting!


This month encompasses for me some travels bouncing north and south, between portland, seattle and Vancouver BC areas ~ then I will travel east to New York come end of October/early Nov… then off to Toronto Canada after NY… then onward return back to Vancouver BC after Toronto in November. I will be presenting several workshops at Toronto in November and hopefully perhaps one, maybe two workshops at Vancouver BC as well. Stay tuned for more news on that soon! 😉


As always, im available both in person and long distance via readings and sessions. Please do feel welcome to contact and book a session via email (heartofoak8@gmail.com) and thankees you for the generous abundant interest with my woo work offerings as well as supporting it in diverse forms. My gratitudes and deep appreciations! <3


~Mr. Thorne

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