Old growth trees. Ferns. Red ground creek. Moss covered ground. Cascadia.

Quick checkin!

i got back to Portland (OR) last night from being outin the wild old growth woods out in the Pinchot forest area. Wow! Such magick there and beauties of Mother Nature! My campsite was nestled in a soft moss covered dip in the ground. It felt like I was held by the Mother 🙂

As I trekked toward the TWAC – trans and women I’d activist camp – I had some initial fears, concerns, hesitations, feels in general. I worked through these, recognizing these, then intending to go there with a open heart-spirit-mind while holding my tender heartness in a gentle way. Wow! Spirit blessed me with so much while I was there! I had the opportunity to do a total of 7 readings- three on Saturday, then four yesterday; prior to leaving the mountain for Portland. It was a overall good experience even if a bit intense on my cancer-water heart. 

So many old growth trees there…. Wow. I got to meet some huge tree stumps, touching their rings visible in their heart woods. Moss overgrown on many of them. Witnessing the feels of death and life rebirthed with these stumps. Essential they are to how the Forest ecosystem evolves. I also got to meet red colored ground in a stream, see a waterfall cascading, and many many Ferns. Woah. Also, I got to meet some ‘shrooms while out there. It reminded me of how essential the ground cover is in the Forest ecosystem ….. moss, shrooms, wild flowers, ferns, etc. I saw some yellow St. John’s wort (I think) as well as Queen Anne’s lace and foxgloves. 

Im so grateful for the magicks i experienced while out there including offering readings in service work that which I love to do! So much abundance and sacred space with these readings; I’m looking forward to how the trades will be fulfilled with this 🙂

Upon return to Portland, I went into karmic relationship releasing ritual space surrounding meand one other person in my life. The theme of karmic releasing and putting it to rest really tied in with this Pisces Full Moon. Whoo!

Now, I’m gonna get ready then head on out to the coast! Feeling the pull of the ocean and need of being with the Full Moon out there. I’ll be back to Portland tomorrow. 




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