*** Gentle Reminder: Small Biz Saturday tomorrow, etc ***

Gentle Reminder for y’all as the winter holiday season is now beginning to swirl up ~ important to try and remember not to get caught up into what is “socially expected” of you as per social media advertising, etc etc etc.

It is totally ok to not follow the “expected” route of shopping like others in your families of origin, community, etc. You are unique and your gifts will reflect who you are and how you share giving gifts with your dear loved ones.

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday then Monday will be “Black Monday” due to huge online sales, etc. Please shop LOCAL and support community folx who are walking livelihood work paths such as myself and many others as mentioned in my link below.

I appreciate so much your support of my work and look forward to offering MORE with y’all! Full Moon blessings!



**** Woo Work News Update: Gentle Reminder ***

*** Woo Work News Update! ***

Gentle Reminder:
Gemini full moon + mercury retrograde in Sagittarius readings/sessions STILL available ~ until Tuesday, next week, November 27, 2018 ~

Please book your sessions by next Tuesday, 12 AM MIDNIGHT (PST) ~ pacific standard time ~ via my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com OR email: heartofoak8@gmail.com ~


Also!!! I’ve got energy cord cutting ritual pdf guide STILL available ~ currently reduced price from $37 to $17 ~ until Dec. 5th, right before the new moon on Dec 6th! 😉🙂

If y’all aren’t sure which of my woo work services would align with yr needs, then please don’t forget this: complimentary (aka FREE) 15-30 minute consult with me via fb messenger, email, text msg, and/or vid chat!

Full moon blessings! 💚💜❤️✨🌌🌕


*** Gemini full moon + Mercury Retrograde-Sagittarius readings NOW avail!! ***

*** Gemini full moon *** AND *** mercury retrograde in Sagittarius readings available NOW until 12 pm midnight, PST (pacific standard time) ~ November 25th, 2018, Sunday!


Mercury retrograde continues until dec 6th 2018 ~ so this will be a good time to tune into that energy at this time, especially if this kind of stuff is challenging/intense for y’all

Full moon time ~ best to harness energy 3 days prior, the actual full moon day, and the 3 days after that ~

There’s SO much wild astro climate energy swirling …. and, then on top of that…. the winter holiday season is already gearing up! Phew!


Prices are reasonable for readings/sessions ~ if finances are a challenge, then I welcome you to please DM via Facebook msgr OR email: heartofoak8@gmail.com

If y’all aren’t fully certain about booking a session, then good news! I do offer 15-30 minutes FREE/complimentary consults. ASL & Deaf accessible/friendly! 😉🙂


Also: it’s FREE to subscribe to my blog/website: www.spiritoracle.com

My woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com
Facebook group: Spirit Oracle
Facebook page: Spirit Oracle professional services
Instagram: heartofoak8


*** Sagittarius solar return circle gift certificates NOW available!! ***

*** Sagittarius birthday (customized upon request) gift certificates NOW available!! ***

The sun will transit into Sagittarius on the same day of this week’s Gemini full moon ~ November 22, 2018 ~ big energy swirling! 😉✨✨✨🌞♊️♐️🌚🎉

Sagittarius season ~ November 22-December 19/20, 2018

Prices reasonable ~ please book through my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com OR email: heartofoak8@gmail.com

*** nov-dec 2018 ~ mercury pre-shadow retrograde unfolding ***

Hullo folx!

Have you been noticing road construction, travel delays/detours, tech glitches, etc? That’s all part of the current pre-shadow of mercury retrograde to come….

Nov 16- Dec 6th 2018 are the dates when mercury is retrograde; remember there’s at least a week-ish prior to the actual retrograde then another week-ish for mercury turning direct after the retrograde occurs. Mercury turns retrograde at 5:33pm, PST~ Pacific standard time ~ in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is fire energy; one of three fire signs ~ Aries and Leo are the other two. Now, Sagittarius energy aligns with the archetype(s) of the Explorer, Traveler, Seeker, and the Archer among others.

Mercury is the planet of communication, travel, technology and more. Not only that, Mercury is the ‘ruling’ influence with the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. Both Gemini [Air element] and Virgo [Earth element] are mutable signs which means flexible ~ not fixed (stuck in one way/expression) or Cardinal (leader type).

It’ll be interesting to notice how folx with Sag mercury placements (in their natal/birth charts) as well as both Gemini and Virgo folx experience this mercury retrograde.

A bit of history around Mercury:

Mercury is also known as Hermes in Greek culture. He was the only one {besides Hecate} to be permitted to travel between all worlds, be it Mount Olympus, Hades, etc. He is known as the messenger god, trickster, and psychopomp.


If you’re curious to know where Mercury is placed in your natal chart, then you can go to www.astro.com ~ free natal basic charts are available there. It’s pretty easy to navigate, site wise…. And!! ….  If you’re curious to understand a bit more about how to work with your mercury sign/natal chart placement, then please feel welcome to book a complimentary (FREE) 15-30 minute mini-consultation with me!


Blessings and I look forward to working with y’all!


*** Astro School schedule dates/unavailability for reads, etc ***

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