*** Dark/New moon in Capricorn + solar eclipse readings NOW avail!!! ***

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Tomorrow, it’s Wednesday ~ mercury’s day ~ and SO much cosmic energy already swirling up and getting ready to be activated ~ it’s the dark moon currently and I’m really feeling it DEEPLY…. (makes sense with my natal moon being in the dark/new moon phase when i was born into this lifetime) … anyway, tomorrow is the Christian/commercialized holiday of Christmas ~ December 26th, 2019 ~ and not only that…. it is the Capricorn new moon + solar eclipse!

For us here at portland, oregon, USA ~ we will not be able to view the solar eclipse with our physical eyes ~ however, it can be live streamed online for those who are interested!

In summary: right now and tomorrow both are HUGE portals in SO many ways for wishing, weaving spells and intentions, and making preparations for this new moon cycle; not only for that, also for the next couple months… since there will be a lunar eclipse + full moon happening in early January 2020 which occurs about 2 weeks later after this week’s solar eclipse…. BIG energies to finish December 2019 + start off with for January 2020! We will continue to feel the effects rippling out for the next 6 months to year ahead in 2020 with the current energies swirling up with eclipse season….

Speaking of the new/dark moon in Capricorn + solar eclipse…  I’m available NOW for receiving your orders to book new moon in Capricorn+solar eclipse readings ALL this week/weekend! If you’d like to book a reading for a friend and/or yourself, then that’s amazing! Also, gift certificates are available for purchase!

I appreciate so much y’all’s support of my livelihoods and thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU….. !!!!! it’s always a honor and blessing for me to hold space with ya’ll while facilitating sessions full of healing and magic 🙂

blessed dark moon and more news soon! <3 *HEART*

*** Fire & Ice Winter Solstice Holiday market *** update!

Hello y’all~

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to vend my wootastical readings and close out my final event of 2019 at yesterday’s Fire & Ice holiday marketplace! It was located at the Q Center, here at portland, oregon. Such a delightful time!!!

I really appreciated everyone who turned out to the marketplace as well as those folx who stopped by my table, purchased a gift certificate, chatted with me, and all that great stuff! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I facilitated about 7 readings which is pretty good for the time slot (time 1-8pm PST) ~ grateful for that magic!!!

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s event at my table:

I’m also grateful to the Q center for covering my access needs via Fingers Crossed Interpreting!!! Thank you!!

Side note: I still have some gift certificates available for last-minute stocking stuffer gift ideas!! They can be customized to your needs and can be delivered locally to portland, oregon area, sent long distance mailed in the postal mail system, and/or via email ~ please let me know the specifics when booking orders via my woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, Instagram DM: @heartofoak8, and/or via my woo work website: www.spiritoracle.com


Blessed Winter Solstice/Yule, Happy Holidays, and Hail the light returning to us! <3 *HEART*

*** Winter Solstice/Yule readings orders avail til THIS friday, Dec. 20th, 2019 ***

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Just a quick checkin!

Winter Solstice/Yule readings are STILL available and orders are still being accepted until THIS friday, dec. 20th, 2019 at 12 midnight AM/PM ~ Pacific Standard Time (PST) ~

If y’all have felt nudged to gift yourself and/or your dear ones something different during this winter season, then perhaps consider ordering something from the lovely array of the services that I offer!

Gift certificates are still available and can be customized to fit what you have in mind ~ I’m happy to have a conversation with you via email and/or Instagram DM and see how the magic can happen in that!

The cord cutting guide PDF is still available for ordering too!

Once y’all’s orders and payments both get in to me, then I will make sure y’all’s orders get sent out within a timely manner. Payments are welcomed and appreciated via Paypal and Venmo!

I’m looking forward to your delightful orders manifesting into my woo work email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, the contact form here at the website: www.spiritoracle.com, and/or Instagram DM @heartofoak8 ~ ~~~

Winter holiday blessings!!!

*** Woo Work Event Reminder *** THIS Saturday dec 21st 2019 ***

Hello folx!

Just a quick reminder: I’m vending my readings, gift certificates, etc at Fire and Ice Holiday Market ~ THIS Saturday, Dec. 21st, 2019 ~ LOCAL to portland, oregon !!!! Time 1-8pm PST ~

It’ll be an amazing market with many vendors including yours truly, me! Please do come join the fun, browse vendors, stop by my table for a spell, get a reading (if it feels resonant), and enjoy the magic!

Prices are reasonable; readings/sessions are Deaf/ASL friendly and accessible at my table!

I look forward to connecting with y’all there!!

Thank you for the support of my livelihoods!! I appreciate y’all and the community threads we share 🙂 *smile*

*** Fire & Ice Event @ Q Center, PDX oregon, Dec 21st, 2019 ***

Dec. 21st, 2019 ~ Saturday, time 1-8pm ~ I shall be offering my woo work readings there!!! Excited to announce that this will be my final event out in a public venue for 2019 ….  it’ll be a potent time since Winter Solstice/Yule happens during that time!

I feel good “closing the books” with 2019 in this way <3 *HEART*

If y’all are local to the portland, oregon area on dec. 21st, 2019 ~ then please do feel welcome to stop by my table for a spell, receive a reading, and it’ll be more than delightful to see your faces as we close out 2019 and look to 2020 ~

blessings!!! **** sparkle, whooosh Fae dust*

*** Woo Work Website Back in Activation!!! ***

Hello y’all ~

Welcome back to my woo work website!!!

The hosting site account for this website has been activated once again! Super grateful for all the Manife$tation Activation that aligned for this to occur!!! <3 *HEART* thank you, Universe!!!

Thank y’all for the patience, understanding, and flexibility as i worked to figure out this situation. Its truly appreciated!! <3 *HEART*

I will be sharing a few updates soon within the next couple days!