*** shout out review from a dear community member/chosen family of mine ***

Readings with Thorne are like therapy, but with beautifully painted magical portals, often interspersed with dream interpretation and storytelling. Thorne is a veritable powerhouse of a channel and he’s now accepting clients! He tends to work on a sliding scale with partial trade options- message Thorne @heartofoak8 to see how you can get your own one-on-one magic therapy session(s)! 

Grateful, heart touched, and blessed to receive this generous review shout out!!! Thankees you, thankees you, thankees you!!! *heart* <3
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*** Dark Moon Salon at Psychic Sister woo shop, Portland Oregon *** Aug. 27, 2019 ***

Hey folx!!!

I’m grateful, honored, and heart touched to be invited to Psychic Sister woo shop here in Portland, Oregon ~ for what? Giving a 20 minute talk re. Astrology and the planets occurring on this coming week’s new moon as well as what we can expect in September 2019!

The flyer embedded above is the announcement! 🙂 please do know that ASL (American sign language) interpreters will be provided at this event. I’m grateful to Psychic Sister’s Dreamy and Moe for the generous invitation for this event and the coordination of everything! Looking forward to the magic that abounds ~

Waning Moon blessings, ~ Thorne

*** Cord Cutting Ritual Guide PDFs avail til Aug 30th, 2019 ***

Cord Cutting Ritual Guide PDFs are STILL available for ordering ~ discounted from $17 to $7 ~ such a GOOD deal!!! The cutoff date for orders is by August 30th, 2019 ~ the same day when the Virgo dark new moon aka 2nd black moon occurs!

It is my pleasure to offer this while it’s available! Once y’all get your orders sent in to me, then i will email the PDF to you within the next 24 hours from when your orders get to me. Please feel welcome to order through here (http://spiritoracle.com) with the contact form, email: heartofoak8@gmail.com, OR Instagram DM me!

My Instagram handle name is: @heartofoak8

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As always, your support of my woo work offerings and livelihoods are deeply appreciated and valued ~ especially right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Waning Moon Blessings ~

**** Shout-out from a dear friend~community member of mine ***

Grateful and heart touched to have received this wonderful review ~ shout out via Instagram about a reading I facilitated for a dear friend~chosen fam of mine!!!
(y’all can find me at Instagram via my handle name: @heartofoak8)
Received a much needed reading for the upcoming months. I feel more grounded and focused on what I need to spend my energy on to make it through summer and prepare for the fall and winter. This was such a gift. Get a reading from Thorne if you can!!

*** Hello and Checkin! ***

Hello Folx!

Thorne here. Tis been a while since I’ve checked in here. Ive not fallen off the edge of earth; please be rest assured 😉

I’ve just needed to take time away for a while in personal seclusion for some really good reasons. I’m slowly coming out of that as well as the recent Full Moon in Aquarius portal …  I might need to return again to personal seclusion for a bit longer, depending on current factors. I super appreciate y’all’s understanding and patience in that.

I’m currently still not on Facebook. I’m posting from time to time on Instagram ~ my handle name on there is: @heartofoak8 …. so please feel welcome to follow me there!

There’s a few things brewing in my cauldrons ~ they’ll be posted on here soon!

This recent Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Lammastide portal ~ its also known as the Blackberry Moon, Sturgeon Moon, and Ancestors Moon. I definitely have been feeling the Ancestors very close as well as the Veils becoming thin…. More on that soon!

We will be approaching the next dark new moon portal ~ which is also a black moon ~ on August 30th, 2019. This new moon will be in Virgo. As referred to in We’Moon 2019 planner for this Virgo new moon, it’ll occur at 3:37am PST (pacific standard time). More on that soon too!

Y’all’s support of my woo work offerings and livelihoods are much much much appreciated and I’m beyond grateful for it right now, especially. Thankees, thankees, thankees! 🙂 <3

*** IG~ Instagram post via @jennawithasmile ***

Credit to @jennawithasmile

Many thankees for the PR shout out on Instagram!!! *heart* <3


*** Recent Woo Readings @ PDX Queer Comedy Festival, July 18-21 2019 ***

Hello folx!

Thorne here checking in…. it’s been a while, I know! I’ve needed to take some personal time away recouping after the recent event which I did *** FOUR *** nights worth of Woo work readings ~ total of 19 readings! It was quite an adventure in itself with that experience; I’m truly glad i was invited back for this 2nd time!

AND!!! Exciting news!!! I was invited back for a THIRD time… when?? NEXT year, July 2020 at this wonderful event! Truly stoked, honored, heart touched, and humbled to receive this opportunity again ~ plus, the number 3 holds ALOT of Magickal energy for me 😉 🙂

YAY!!! I will be sharing a couple more tidbits from this recent event in the next couple posts on here ~ so, stay tuned!

As always, I appreciate so much y’all subscribing to my website blog, supporting my readings/woo work services, referring folx to me, and so much more 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. Lughnasad aka Lammastide, the first harvest festival and turning of Summer into Autumn season is coming up right around the corner on August 1-3 ~ while the 2nd New Moon of July occurs on July 31st, 2019 ~ definitely a magic filled week/weekend unfolding now…. More news on that soon! 😉 🙂 *heart* <3

*** Find me at Alignable.com! ***

Hello y’all ~

Just a gentle reminder: I’m currently still not using Facebook since the situation isn’t resolved yet and probably will not be for a while. In the meanwhile, y’all can follow me at Instagram: @heartofoak8, subscribe for FREE here at my website for following my blog, and/or find me (Spirit Oracle) at www.alignable.com ~ that’s another social media platform that I’ve discovered and slowly figuring out so I appreciate the patience in that 🙂

More news to follow soon and Midsummer solstice blessings!

*** Love Potion Magical Perfumerie, Vancouver, WA ~ Rune Readings TONIGHT ***

*** TONIGHT ***

Midsummer Solstice + Cancer Sun season beginning + Neptune stationing retrograde = BIG cosmic woo energies swirling!!! There’s also a New Moon+Solar Eclipse coming up in the beginning of July as well as Mercury Retrograde ~ I would definitely say this is a great time to get a reading and start to prepare with all this cosmic energy swirling….

Oooh! Speaking of that, I’m offering my Magickal healing readings (ASL/Deaf friendly) via the runes at Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie TONIGHT! Time 5-9pm PST ~ LOCAL to Vancouver, WA area ~

Y’all are invited to come browse the shop, get a reading from me (and the two other lovely readers too!), enjoy the good vibes, and welcome in the Solstice season!

Looking forward to connecting with yall there!