May 2023 ✨✨✨

Hello!! It’s already May 9; time certainly is a strange and wild creature!! As it is, I’ve not posted lately in the past couple months since they’ve held quite alot and so has life in general… This recent full moon 🌕 lunar eclipse in Scorpio ♏️ (last week Friday) was definitely a intense one! The month of May continues to have many huge cosmic energy swirls and Astro shiftings; remember to ramp up your self care rituals & grounding practices as well as being open to what y’all are being presented with during this time.

There’s certainly some big movements happening in the next couple weeks including my upcoming solar return circle day season/birthday ✨✨✨✨ I’ll share more soon!

Blessings of this spring transition time to summer 💐🌷🪻🌸🌼🌻🪷💐

*** November 2022 ***

Hello folx, its already November! Samhain/Halloween has occured ~ however, lunar Samhain will be happening soon. I’m looking forward to that. Anyway, just a quick checkin to let y’all know that I’m returning as an panelist for this MeWe Panel discussion later this month! I was born during the new dark moon phase so I’m excited & curious to what could manifest during this discussion 🙏✨🌙🔮

This info is also shared on my instagram page as well as the MeWe Fairs instagram page & the website: ~ go check it out!! This event is ASL interpreted & live captioned via Zoom platform online. I’m looking forward to connecting with y’all there virtually!

Side note: next week, November 8: full moon 🌕 in Taurus ♉️ & lunar eclipse AND the midterm elections!! GO VOTE!!!

More soon!! 🙏✨🔮🌙✨

October 2022 ~ checkin

Hello y’all, just checking in …. its been quite a minute since I’ve shared anything on here. My instagram account has had a bit more activity out of late… Thankees for the patience with the rhythms of my sharing things on here. Yesterday, i shared these four pics on my Instagram account; its a very new original poem/ written piece of mine ~ I was honored, grateful, and humbled with the invitation from the MN Deaf Queer community and their Zoom panel event for National Coming Out Day (Oct. 11th, 2022) to perform this poem of mine. The recording link will be shared in time with me. Also, yesterday night, past the witching hour ~ in the wee hours ~ the scorpio dark new moon and solar eclipse happened. I shared this picture post on my instagram as part of my recommitment to/with my writing, poetry, creative work/collaborative projects, etc. It felt right with the timing to release that online to be Seen.

Also! I’m excited and grateful to be participating again with the Black Cat Conjure panel, facilitated by Laureli Shimayo of the MeWe Fairs/Panels. I will be offering a special during this event. This panel will be ASL interpreted and hosted on Zoom, when? This week Thursday, October 27, 2022 ~ at 5:30-8:30pm PST. Live captioning will also be available as part of accessibility. Looking forward to y’all joining online there!

And!! it’s Scorpio season and birthdays are happening especially for y’all halloween bday folx!! Gift certificates as well as my magical readings are available for purchase as gifts ✨✨✨✨


This will be a great way to kick off for Halloween/Samhaintide weekend!! I will be observing various rituals etc throughout this coming weekend including intentionally spending some time with the ancestors among other activities. May y’all have a magical weekend 🧡🖤🔮🌙🎃🦉🐈‍⬛🦇✨✨✨

~ July 2022 musings #1 ~

Hello folx!

Things have definitely ebbed and flowed since the last time I popped into here…. Much definitely has been shifting; I’ve taken a bit of a pause with things in general … Just checking in real quick then back to my pause of things…. This recent full moon in Capricorn ♑️was quite intense!

A bit of the current Astro weather:

The moon currently is in Aries – not good for important big decisions; good for sparking ideas and creative energies; Venus just transited into Cancer; that water energy opens up much more deeper within/of the heart space; vulnerability, connection, communication, community, sense of home/hearth, holding deeper the instinctual of things, and how to activate/work/navigate/relate with these things ~ indeed a shift in the current cosmic energies ~ Venus will remain in Cancer until mid august. Later this week, the moon will transit into Taurus; that’s on Wednesday this week. A little nudge: remember that the moon tends to transit between each zodiac sign every two to two and half days or so- ish…

Also!! Leo season will be starting around july 22/23. Next week’s new dark moon is in Leo ~ on July 28th, thursday. I’ll be offering Astrology related readings for Leo season and for Venus in Cancer/other cosmic transits. There will be gift certificates available for purchase ~ they’re great as birthday gifts!!! 😊✨✨

More soon! Blessings! 🙏✨✨✨🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️

** May 2022 musings **

Hello folx,

just a quick announcement: Magicky ASL class is postponed until further updstes. Thankees for the patience, understanding, and its much appreciated! 🙏✨✨

On a different note, theres alot of cosmic energy swirling out there… we’re not quite out of eclipse season or mercury retrograde. The moon currently is darkening in Taurus and Venus JUST transited into Taurus. The new dark moon in Gemini will occur at 430 am PST on monday, May 30th 2022. Mercury will transit direct station june 3 then we will be officially out of both Mercury post retrograde shadow and eclipse season…. More soon on the astro weather in a bit….

Continue to practice grounding rituals, self care practices, self regulation, co-regulation, and feeling/listening with y’all’s intuition and remembering to be extra kind and caring with communications ~ both with the self and with each other ~ right now. 🌙✨✨🧚🏼‍♂️🙏

April 2022 ~ musings #2

This week has started with a unexpected snowfall here in Portland, Oregon which put a pause on the spring weather that we were experiencing…. along with hail, thunderstorms, and rain. Hopefully, it’ll return back to the slowly warming up weather…. fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞

On a different note, the Libra ♎️ full 🌕 moon is happening this saturday, april 16th…. I’m offering full moon readings special NOW until next week, tuesday, April 19th. Both half hour and hourly sessions are offered; prices are reasonable ($37 for half hour; $67 for an hour). Currently, due to the new Covid variant situation, sessions/readings are provided via video calls and are ASL/deaf accessible. Payment exchanges are appreciated via Venmo and Paypal. Please contact me via Email:, Instagram DM, and/or through here on the website contact form. I look forward to facilitating y’all’s magical readings!!

Several other cosmic planetary movements have been happening this week including Mercury transiting into Taurus ♉️ and Neptune & Jupiter meeting each other in Pisces ♓️ ~ a HUGE cosmic event! More on this soon 😊✨✨✨✨

I’ve recently added to my tarot deck collection/tools ~ the Erotic Tarot deck ~ it’s crafted by queer and trans folx. I’m still developing my relationship with it and will be excited to let y’all know when my newest service offering is ready with this deck.

The moon is in Virgo ♍️ right now and will transit into Libra ♎️ around 1:45 pm PST. The moon typically spends two to two and half days in one sign then will transit to the next one following after it.

More thoughts soon!! ✨✨✨✨🙏🌙🌕🔮✨✨✨✨

~ April 2022 musings ~

Greetings, folx ~

Tis time for a checkin…. I’ve needed to take some time away from general social media recently. The month of March flew by and now April is in full bloom…. the season of Spring is making its presence known; the daylight hours are slowly becoming longer and the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom!

I recently received a new Tarot deck in the post mail…. its titled ”Erotic Tarot”. Here’s a photo of it ….

I‘m curious and excited to see where this deck may take me on my current paths which are pivoting in several possible directions…. Somatics among other topics of interest have been crossing my path recently and I’ve been feeling pulled to hold space with explorations of these unfolding…. 🙏✨✨

April 16th (later this month) is the ♎️ Libra full moon; it’ll be a interesting full moon ~ now with Jupiter and Venus in Pisces ♓️ ~ Time to tune into these creative and magical waters and energies ~

Another thing which I’m excited to announce: May 2nd and May 13th, next month, I’ll be on two panels with MeWe Fairs! More info on that soon!

Blessings, til soon…. Thorne

~ February 2022 ~ #1

Hello y’all, checking in…. Time flew and it’s already February 2022! I hope y’all have had a easeful entry into the new calendar year of 2022.

I’m excited to announce that once again I’ve received the opportunity to participate as panelist on February 20th with the MeWe Fair folx. It is on Zoom platform and happens during the time slot: 4-6:30pm PST. It’ll be ASL (American sign language) interpreted and live captioned!

Also, there’s been some internal infrastructure that’s been happening with how the MeWe panels and Fairs are being planned. Please check for more info at the website:, follow instagram: @mewefairs, and sign up to their newsletter.

AND!! I’ll be on the February 27th, 2022 MeWe Online Fair; Time slot 4-8pm PST. it’s the first one for me to try out and I’m curious how it’ll go. T’will be on Zoom platform…. More details soon on this!

More updates to come soon! 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♀️✨✨✨✨🕯🌙

12/10/2021 ~ queer maker’s pop up market ~

👋 Hello y’all,

just checking in quickly …. I recently did my very first in-person table event at the delightful community event held at Open Hand Health Clinic! They held space for a queer makers popup market and I was honored to be one of the folx there for Friday, Dec. 10, 2021 ~ alongside with Given Davis of Blooming Fire Healing. We both offered tarot readings 😊✨✨✨

It was lovely to be back in community space with folx and doing work that I love to offer! To be honest, this was the very first in-person event that I’ve done in a little more than two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. I was so grateful to see how the safety protocols were in place for the space and the comfort of folx as well as feeling cautious still in some ways. I truly valued this opportunity!

Please understand that this doesn’t mean that I will be immediately opening up to full on basis of in-person readings etc ~ local to PDX area…. I’m still feeling it all out and navigating as best according to what my current capacity is at the moment. Thankees for understanding and it’s appreciated 😊🙏✨✨✨

With the winter holiday season already being in full swing, it is important that we all practice even more compassion, empathy, flexibility, and patience with each other since we are in the very last month of 2021 and then heading into a third year of the pandemic situation as well as calendar year 2022 ✨✨✨

I’ll be offering an collaborative virtual event with Given Davis of Blooming Fire Healing on December 19, Sunday, for winter ❄️ solstice magical readings! The info will be released on social media soon … So, remain tuned for these details 😊🎄❄️🕯️✨🎄