*** part 2 : May sagittarius full moon (recent) ***

Hey yall,

I did promise a second post regarding this recent full moon in Sagittarius. Here it is!

Mastery can be experienced, learned, shown and perceived in various ways. It felt good to share a couple definitions with this word, so we can explore the different feels of what Mastery is as a word.

mas – ter – y : (noun)

1. comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment (synonyms: proficiency, abililty, capability, knowledge, understanding, comprehension, familiarity, command, grasp, grip, skill, expertise, dexterity, finesse, adroitness, virtuosity, prowess, deftness, proficiency, know-how)

2. control or superiority over someone or something (synonyms: control, domination, command, ascendancy, supremacy, preeminence, superiority)

(credit: Google search mastery word meaning)


mastery (via dictionary.com)

noun, plural masteries.

1. command or grasp, as of a subject

2. superiority or victory (ie. mastery over ones enemies)

Origin of this word: 1175-1225, master + y, replacing Middle English

maistrie < Old French



1.1  The action or process of mastering a subject or accomplishment:

a childs mastery of language

Origin: Middle English: from Old French maistrie, from maistre meaning master.

(Oxford dictionaries online)


I find it interesting sometimes in the discovery of where certain words are derived from, etc. That probably comes from my ardent love of books, learning, thirst for knowledge and wanting to always learn something new, different, and how to apply it in life, etc. There are countless opportunities to learn something new everyday if we keep our whole selves open to that. Indeed.

Another thing ive been contemplating is that in order to become a master and/or to master something such as a skill, etc …. it doesnt mean that youre done with your learning there. There is always something in the learning that continues, especially if one is open to that journey. Is there one single way to learn something? No. There are diverse ways of learning as well as different how’s to that particular learning. If there was one single way of learning, then itd quickly get boring. Im grateful there are myriads of differences within the learning and how’s of with the learning and journeys involved with that.

Intention is another thing to consider when it comes to Mastery. Is it for the love of learning and feeding the passion for growth? Is it to feed the shadow and greed for power and dimishing others? It is so important to be clear with the intention(s) for the learning because that will show where the heart is and the whys involved with the choices made interwined with the intention(s).


This recent full moon in Sagittarius isnt a immediate harvest one, why? Theres also another full moon in Sagittarius coming in June, next month. That one will bring forth more of the harvest with what was birthed or intended at this recent full moon. Many different kinds of energies are at play currently and will be as well in June. The new moon in Gemini coming up the 4th of June will be a telling one, I feel. Its essential that we are crystal clear with the intentions we seed at the new moon in Gemini since it will have some effect with the coming full moon in June.

In short, these things feed into Mastery:

awareness, intention, skill, desire, passion, motivation, goals, learning, journey, where is the heart and mind aligned with intention…. and choice.



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