*** personal heart/Spirit musings *****

*surrendering to the wind’s song, walking my path with fierce undivided heart, and trusting in the adventure unfolding…. *


I wrote this myself, inspired by Deepening space at that time, about perhaps five to six ish years ago… and what a journey of many journeys layers since then to now… and im STILL on that walkabout journey…. mmmm… wow. Grateful, honored, humble blessed, reminded in so many ways and lessons since then and still unfolding NOW even…. im on the brink of more Deepening and unfolding in the current gloaming….

Grateful in deep and powerful ways and humble blessed in with how much support ive received in both mysterious and wonderful ways ever from the beginning of walkabout and til now, even NOW still….

I look forward as well as choose to be WITH the NOW, the present, to witnessing and making sacred spaces NOW for how the Deepenings, magickyness, expansions of manifestation stations and opportunities for healing/growth to come in the NOW…. mmmm…

Heres to ever the unfolding Roads, envisionings, ripenings, journeys and adventures of Walkabout awaiting ahead for and within me into the seasons of years ahead….

Thankees you thankees you thankees you to many, many, many of yall who have crossed paths with me in the past, current NOW, and who will come ahead….

Blessings, blissings, and gratitudes ~ with a full, Deepening, and humble blessed grateful heart…. <3


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