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I’m cast-send-weaving out some feelers into the manifesting of a more sturdy, reasonably priced, plenty storage/useable space, automatic driving (i dont know how to drive a stick shift, lol), good condition, capable for hauling, travelling, safe, etc vehicle for me (either: a pretty sweet pickup truck or eco friendly mini suv hybrid) since this will be one of the important/essential pieces for my eventual manifestation of my Traveler caravan home on wheels (which ive been envisioning / incubating/ dreaming into manifest for a long long long while!!!)….

I’ve been beyond grateful for the current honda car ive had for about 16 years+…. shes been with me thru SO much. I’m still co-related with her for the moment when needed ~ however, it will be time to part ways with her in some way at some time eventually within the next couple seasons…

However…. it is more than time for my allowing me to make a vehicle upgrade of some kind and let myself deserve that, to feel worthy of this, to make space for this kind of Ask….

I’ve come to accept this and this is a bit bittersweet since change isnt always that easy for my Cancer moon to go through 😉 *wry chuckle*

This is actually a BIG scary vulnerable yet important kind of Ask-thing for me since im a firm believer in making things last for a while among other things. In retrospect, Ive realized the need to change the weaving of that particular story in some pretty BIG ways.

I’d super appreciate all the good juju, vibes, energies, magickyness, etc etc etc which yall can send my way for this… am hoping to manifest this new sturdy vehicle within the next 3 to 5 months… as I continue stepping into interlacing BIG spaces of transition and life change-shiftings….

Again, it is very rare if and when i post any kind of Ask like this. Please be aware, sensitive, and mindful to this.

Blessings and many gratitudes!

So mote it be, so it is, and manifestation station activated!

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