*** Photographs ~ the magik unfoldings ***

This is where my Magikal photos will be curated & housed <3

Summary: I tend to be very much a private creature in many ways including quite protective of my space if/when it comes to photographs. In all honesty, I do have a complex relationship with technology, the camera, and being photographed among other aspects of this thread.

However, it’s come to my attention for a while now that this is a thread that’s calling to be worked with in some ways. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated as I work with this particular thread of the whole space here. Thankees you!!

If you have photos of me at previous community or public events where I’ve vended at and/or otherwise, then please contact me directly via email: heartofoak8@gmail.com for checking in with me prior to posting on here. Please don’t tag me online without my consent. Thankee you and its appreciated.

It is essential this space is safe and with consent especially when it comes to photographs of me being posted and shared.

I have the full right of deciding what I feel comfortable in with being posted on this site. This is a healthy boundary for me and I feel it is more than appropriate for me to disclose in this way.

Please respect that and and thankees you!

Best and warm regards,

-mr. Thorne



This photo was taken at the OWOW ~ Other Worlds of Wonder ~ Yule Bazaar earlier this month, December 2018 ~


Update: Im absolutely excited to announce that I’ve collaborated with my dear friend and chosen tribe, Naomi FayeCullen via photo session Magickyness! This lovely magicky collaboration was done at Topanga, California and what fun! These photographs are already in the process of being tinkered with Naomi ~ her digital online skills! Once they’re ready then I will announce the unveiling of these photographs 🙂


Here is the unveiling of the Magik photos collaborated with/by myself and Naomi Faye-Cullen!

All photographs are @Naomi Faye-Cullen, copyrighted. Please do NOT share without consent/permission. Thankees you!