*** Pisces Full Moon+Lunar Eclipse+Imagine Fest! ***

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Hullo Folx!

Its down to the wire and I’m writing this during the witching hour midnight-ish prior to just turning in for the night ~ to cat nap a bit then wake up at crack of dawn to finish getting ready including load up my car and then…get on the road Northbound to Anacortes, WA state…..then catch the ferry at Anacortes for Orcas Island!

Imagine Festival happens this weekend ~ the 16th thru 18th September! I will be vending my woo work offerings there. Please do consider stopping by my booth ~ I invite you to stop by!


On a different note…..this coming Full Moon+lunar eclipse woo portal is gonna pack a lot of ENERGY swirling around, BIG time!!! Not just because of both those… It’s also Mars squaring the moon and the eclipse as well as Chiron (the wounded healer). Intense energies definitely will be felt ~ and LOTS of watery emotional tides and currents experienced as well….

Don’t forget to stay grounded and continue doing self care practices. Absolutely essential especially during a intense astrological sky filled weekend as this beckoning weekend….

I wil write more soon soon after my arrival to Orcas Island.



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