*** pisces new dark moon ~ solar eclipse~ Feb 26th 2017~

February 26 2017, New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces – A Spiritual Perspective


I read this article and resonated with the information shared ~ definitely we are riding the waves of this eclipse season!

It is important to continue practicing your self care rituals and rhythms ~ grounding, shielding, self love, nuturing, checking energy fields, etc etc etc. This will be paramount especially as we are drawing near to the Pisces dark new moon ~ solar eclipse portal…

Keep in mind to ask your self: does this energy belong to me? Is it mine? Does it belong to someone else?

Practicing this will strengthen your trust and deep knowing with your intuition, developing your recognition of what DOES belong to you energetically and how to discern what does NOT belong to you. Once you intuit energy that does NOT belong to you, then it is important to send it back to whoever and/or wherever it belongs to. This will support your balance and energy resources within Self.

Cord cutting and releasing rituals are also very supportive, especially during BIG emotions being felt and needing to release these as many revelations come up to surface. Be gentle and kind with your selves as you do this healing work for your selves. Send compassion and love to the BIG emotions coming up to surface; recognize and name them then do whatever ritual to set a container to faciliate the releasings of these emotions ~ similar to compost and/or a psychic recycling bin.


Blessings and much love!

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