Pisces super full moon. Ocean and coast adventures.

Hey y’all,

this recent Pisces super full moon was HUGE energy!!! It was much needed for me to do a night and day getaway at the coast for this full moon; just spending time with the Moon, going with the flow of things and such. I’ve noticed my sensitivities on all levels liminal and not-liminal have deepened, become stronger and bigger in different ways, including my witch attention and dream time activity.

It felt good oh so good for my soul to sojourn in the Pacific City area along the OR coast. Decided to climb a BIG sand dune there; it was a challenging climb yet a good intense experience…. AND sooooo worth it when I made it to the top! I did a victory dance- allowing myself to revel in that swee t moment of success and feeling relief, gratitude in a huge rush that my body physically let me do this even if it was intense a bit of a climb.

Along the way up climbing the sand dune, about half way-ish…. I experienced some mixed emotions ie. hesitation, nervousness, worry about what if my body pain would act up and I’d have to stop, etc.. Somehow, Spirit reminded me I’m not alone and was able to find a second wind of energy to continue climbing up. Turtle medicine definitely came out a bit and helped me move physically, then my Cancer moon really came out and helped me move to a fallen down tree, perfect with these limbs stron g and handy for pulling my body up so I could reach the top in good footing. Interesting to see how animal medicines come around just when needed. So grateful I decided to let Spirit work things out and listen to my body, allowing the movement to happen as needed.. Instead of fighting it. I learned so much from that as well as the going down the dune part as well. Powerful magicks indeed!

—– turtle medicine —–

turtle is the symbol of the essence of Earth Mother: Native Americans call their continent (North America) “turtle island” not only because of the shape, but also in honor of their ancestors, who looked after the land with the same nurturing qualities as turtle’s. They consider that they were born from the womb of the earth, from the Great Mother, and to her soil, they will return. In Native American tradition, a journey into the womb of Mother Earth is experienced by the use of the sweat lodge, which is shaped like a turtle’s shell…. A sweat  lodge is used for purification, giving access to a higher level of consciousness, an opening up to the subtle energy of the earth. In this way, Turtle teaches us about respect for the earth – the way in which we can take from and give back to her.

(Lucy harmer’s book: discovering your spirit animal the wisdom of the shamans)

Turtle: Magickal attributes: patience, long life, perseverance. Slow down; enjoy life more; enjoy life more; allow your ideas time to develop properly. Visualize the shell as a spiritual shield to protect yourself from the negative thoughts of others. Learning to relax and enjoy life. Developing new ideas. Psychically protecting yourself.

(D.J. Conway’s book: animal magick the art of recognizing and working with familiars)

On a different note, there were many rabbits at the campground where I stayed. It was crazy-amazing to see how, on one hand, these rabbits were fearless in my presence, including one that really hung out a lot at my campsite… Yet, on the other hand, it was heart wrenching for me to see the imbalance of right relationship between the rabbits and humans – the humans feeding them from their hands and the rabbits in turn becoming ‘dumbed down’ in that process – not being in right balance of where the rabbits are prey for other creatures and should feel fear around human presence. Interesting to see/observe the combination of wild/”tamed” -ness in these rabbits.

Rabbit medicine:

rabbit symbolizes many things: it is a prolific reproducer, with several litters of babies each year- representing sexuality, fertility, and growth (spiritual and mental as well as physical.). Rabbit also teaches us about fear. When we feel trapped, rather than putting all our energy into trying to avoid the situation (the skittish nature of rabbit), we need to learn how to confront it head on. Rabbit teaches us that when we try to avoid what we fear, we attract it into our lives instead.

Rabbit Is soft and cuddly and keeps us connected to our gentler side. It travels by hopping and leaping, not always with a clear sense of direction. Rabbit people will often see unexpected change in their lives arriving by leaps and bounds. Rabbit can take off from a standing start; it can stop or change direction very rapidly and teaches us that we can do this too.

Native Americans consider that among the many qualities of Rabbit there is a sensel of innocence. Because it is most often seen at dawn and twilight, it is associated with the Faerie Realm. Rabbit can help you cross into non-ordinary reality; it is no coincidence that Alice fell down a rabbit hole into Wonderland and was helped on her journey by a rabbit. (Lucy harmer’s book: discovering your spirit animal the wisdom of the shamans)

I feel with my seeing the brown rabbits, black ones, and a black one with a white circle color around its neck… That this is somehow connected with the deeper nuances of both Light and Dark magicks unfolding along my current path….

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