Plant medicines and car breakin update

Hey yall!

Here’s a quick update on the car breakin thing… I was able to take advantage of the REI 20 percent sale since I’m a member there and I was able to order a new tent as well as purchase a new sleeping bag!! Yayee!! I’ve also replaced the duvet blanket that was taken.

Soon, a new cover will be sewed together for the new duvet blanket. I’m excited about this. And- I’ve been in contact with a possible glass replacement company (re. Replacing the small back window which was broken in the car breakin)… Hopefully it can be replaced sooner than later. See see…

I feel super grateful that things are finally feeling like they’re moving forward, even if slowly and steadily.

I’m also steadily and slowly becoming more confident about driving and taking trips out of Portland now. The recent trip to/from Olympia, WA is proof of that. Of course, there’s still some nervous feelings though i feel it will heal more eventually.

I’ve decided another step I’m gonna take as part of taking back my space, etc is to have a small circle of my dears, witches, and Faes do some woo on my car while I’m on the Land at wolf creek during beltaine. I feel that will help me in feeling more steady and held by community and tribe in this space of taking back my car space as my current travel home til my caravan Traveller home hearth manifests.

……. on a different note …….

I’ve not yet started the dark plant medicines tattoo project. My faerie tat ink woo person has unfortunately been sick recently. Hope they’ll feel better soon! I’ve noticed my body is getting restless and ready more now for this ink woo to happen… Lol. I’m sure it’ll happen when the time’s right tho 😉

A few of the dark plant medicines that I’m getting into relationship more with now are – belladonna, evening primrose, mandrake root, opium poppy, among others. I currently have some belladonna on reserve; just been waiting for the right time to make medicine with it – I feel it’ll be a ointment or something similar…

The opium poppy – I’ve had a unfolding relationship with poppy in general, and now it’s becoming more specific with the opium poppy. I know eventually I will offer medicine tea healings with the poppy; first, I need to experience the medicine and integrate the teachings it wants to offer to me before offering it with clients.

If any of you are curious and want to do some reading in a book about poison plants and medicines, then an excellent book resource is this one:
“Pharmakognosis plant teachers and the poison path ” by Dale Pendell.

That’s all for now, folx… Til next time,
Mr. Thorne

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