Plants. Herbs. Teas… and such.

Happy merry dark-new mon in Virgo!

Lots  moving, shifting indeed! Today, later, I will be trekking south to Olympia, WA. Grateful for that and whatever adventures shall unfold while in transit to there and while I visit with one of my dear Jewish tribe. It’ll be good to see them!

herbs, plants and such have crossed my mind both yesterday and today. It’s powerful magick that Mother Nature gives to us, Her plants.. Herbs.. Trees.. Fruits .. Berries.. Nuts.. Among so much!! We need to give back offerings and gratitude to Her when we harvest with/from Her. This will lead into more of a right relationship of balance for our bodies (emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, magickal, energetical, etc)…

I’ve started taking a online Free course via… It’s covering Curanderismo traditional medicines. Feeling grateful that most of the vids are accessible with closed captioning so I can take this course! I didn’t realize mullein could be made into a oil yet again something new I learned! I was familiar w the herb already since it can be used as a tea for the throat and cough treatments. I’m excited to learn more!

yesterday, I definitely felt the dark moon energy shifting in a very physical sense. Made yummy food- salmon with a simple sauce and some veggies. Later, during the witching hour, I gave the last piece of salmon along with the skin and veggies as an offering to the red maple tree right outside the front of my dear friend crystal’s house. Gave some spit as well as the food as offering to the tree. Felt really good to do that. It reminded me if how sometimes when I’m at wolf creek rad fae sanctuary, that I offer some of my food and drink to the fire pit when there’s just a beginning fyre happening. It can be done in different ways now, it hit me in that realization last night. 

I will pick up some herbal teas later today prior to departing Tacoma. Feels right to share some with dear friends Crystal before continuing w travels down to Olympia 🙂

more thought soon!

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