Post-CA/Bay Area trip checkin!

Hello folx!

Many things have transpired since my last post on here. I’m glad to say my recent CA trip was mostly successful and wonderful in many ways. There was one difficult day/night full of challenges and since then I’ve been going through my own process honoring that challenging experience.

There was a bit of anxietyfor me, yes, surrounding fear and concern re. there may be the same outcome of when I would leave Oakland like the last time I left there… However, I caught myself in that mid-process and decided to stop feeding that energy; instead, I chose to feed into the energies of having a grounded, easy, healing departure without fear or anxiety from Oakland…

And guess what??! I received such a good good departure leaving from Oakland! No car breakin or such happened. I feel the last dregs of my previous trauma around that closed out and healed in this
process. So thankful for the lessons through this!

Along the return drive north toward Portland, I stopped at Castle Crags state park inside the Mt. Shasta area in CA. My body apparently needed to stop there and it became clear for many reasons why I needed to stop there. So grateful that I listened to my body and did that!

It was gorgeous at the Castle Crags that evening and the energy on that mountain… It renewed my energy in a powerful way and I was able to continue the drive to Grants Pass, OR where I’d stay that night – then I continued solo to Portland the next day – after dropping off my ride share person at wolf creek Land in southern OR.

When I was at Castle Crags, I decided to do a small ceremony in giving tobacco to the land and mountain there. It felt important and I wanted to follow through with that strong pull to do this. This also made me realize it is a small step forward into the bigger work that I will be doing this year – in traveling to sacred sites and doing ceremony; giving apologies to Mother Earth for the dis respect that humans have given to Her and give healing rites to bring Earth Mother and the people of the world back into right relationship.

This feels like a very important aspect currently in gestation with to the offerings which I will be bringing out there into the world with my magicks and medicines. The energies out there are becoming much more amplified and intense which makes sense even more so now for ceremony to be given with Mother Earth.

I’ve also done some more Deeper work around finances, reclaiming my self worth/value, etc. I’m choosing to believe and trust that my medicine work and magickal offerings ARE much needed & valued out there in the world. In alignment with that, I’ve re-adjusted the asking fee in relation with readings/sessions which I have been offering. I had been asking for 60-90$ ….

However, that needed to be re-adjusted because I realized there was still a subconscious lingering energy of my making myself small & not letting myself truly step more fully into the power of Self and who I truly am as a magickal woo healer Traveller worker. Now, I’ve started asking for $70-100 in alignment with readings/sessions.

I’m currently still figuring out how much I will set as an asking fee for Mother Earth healing ceremonies, etc. Your patience and flexibility with this will be truly much much appreciated. It’s truly important to me that my services remain accessible as much as possible for folx who call for them. I strive to do my best with this.

There are some exciting possibilities brewing in my internal Cauldron re. Woo work services. This will be touched upon very soon! I want to honor the current moonifesting process with this first.

More soon!
All blessings,
-mr. Thorne

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