*** Powerhouse Cosmic Energy Weekend ~ 1/10-1/12-2020 ***

Hello y’all~

Just a quick checkin…. it’s definitely a powerhouse cosmic energy weekend unfolding now until sunday…. why?

Today earlier, the Cancer full moon + lunar eclipse happened! Big energies being felt for sure ~ the actual eclipse occurred at time 11:11am PST (pacific standard time) and full moon in cancer at time 11:21am PST (pacific standard time). This is a HUGE portal for weaving intentions, spells, and doing anything and everything that feels related to your inner/outer hearths, community threads, etc. The times (cancer full moon/lunar eclipse) are referenced to from the 2020 We’Moon planner.

A few examples of my natal Cancer moon’s current experience of feeling this Cancer moon eclipse tide:

1) I had a great catch up conversation via video call with a dear chosen family/community person earlier today. I received the opportunity to offer them a natal chart reading since they’re a Capricorn and it’s their bday season! 🙂 They paid a down payment re. said natal astro chart reading later this month ~ as a investment toward their path’s unfolding. I felt that is a promising step for both of us since it feels like a emotional and tangible investment in different ways.

2) I received another payment from a different client earlier today as well for an appointment we have in 2 weeks. I felt grateful for these manifesting and appreciative of feeling Seen in different ways with both of them.

3)  I felt Seen by a event founder/coordinator who is willing to work with me related to event logistics. I appreciated that so much!

4) I cleaned out part of my fridge late last night and am tending on/off to various home/hearth space stuff today and tonight. That feels productive in some ways for me even if it’s a slow, steady kind of pace.

On a different note, we are approaching the next major cosmic planetary shift this coming Sunday, 1/12/2020…. Saturn + Pluto conjunction…. It is my understanding that this one is a HUGE deal since the last time this specific planetary conjunction occurred was about 30 to 35 years ago. This particular S+P conjunction occurs at time 8:58am PST (pacific standard time) ~ referenced from We’Moon 2020 planner.

What’s the current feels that y’all have having with this full moon/eclipse and upcoming S+P conjunction? I invite ya’ll to share. No pressure of course.

More thoughts soon on all this 🙂 😉

~ Full moon lunar eclipse blessings ~

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