Pride Month, Orlando tragedy, Stonewall, etc.

**** It is the month of June. Pride season tends to start during June and go throughout the summer in many different places. ****

Earlier, this week, on Sunday, at 2 AM ~ the Orlando massacre happened and went on for several hours. It happend at Pulse, a queer bar in Orlando, Florida.

Ive not posted for a bit while due to various reasons including me travelling on the east coast and my taking some space away to honor my process as i work through things related with the Orlando massacre. SO much has been coming up to surface in many different ways for all of us queers, especially for the Latino/Latinx and other queer POC (people of color) folx.

The massacre happend at a queer bar where folx were there to celebrate Pride, loving, dancing, drinking, laughing, and celebrating their radical brilliant selves. Some of those who died in the massacre were queer. Some of the dead were non-queer, cis and/or allies. This is a senseless, horrible, beyond heartaching thing that has happened. Yet, it is such a powerful thing to be seeing how the queer communities of all threads are coming TOGETHER and not being divided through this. It is heartening and empowering to see how resilient we queers are and how we are not letting this terrible terrible terrible massacre stop us from being who we are and our loving who we love. LOVE WINS.

As part of my unfolding process with this, I felt called to go to New York City and visit Stonewall…. the catalyst place where my queer ancestors began their activism and being radical. I need to go there and commune with my queer ancestors, hold space with collective community and grief as well as honor the dead who have become new ancestors… and to woo it up a bit with offerings of what i can bring to Stonewall. It will be my first time going there to Stonewall and it feels important, especially right now.

I will not stop being who I am nor loving who i love. I am queer as f*** among many layers that encompass who I am as a being in the body i inhabit this life. I will not apologize for being colorful as I am. I will not put myself in places nor in relationships where tolerance is present. I choose NOT to be tolerated. I choose instead to be CELEBRATED for who I am.


I send as much compassion, love, light, and comfort vibes to the families (both biological and chosen), lovers, sweeties, friends, relatives and communties of those who are grieving and mourning the terrible heartaching losses of their children, siblings, partners, folx who loved them, etc.




I will post up more of my thoughts surrounding this in the coming days. Thankees you for your patience and understanding if there are not many posts currently as i go thorough my process with this. Its much much much appreciated.

Blessings. Peace, love, and light.


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