*** Queer Astrology Conference ~ Feb. 2018 ~ Summary!

In February earlier this year 2018, I had the opportunity to attend Queer Astrology Conference (QAC) at portland, oregon.

The opening conference speaker was Rhea Wolf. Rhea spoke on topic of Queer Revolution and Uranus Cycles. (This is interesting in retrospect due to the now current astro climate with Uranus soon transiting into Taurus ~ more on that soon). Rhea referred to Kelsey Branca, the keynote speaker, and their Astrology practice via website: www.deepseaastrology.com)… Kelsey spoke on Generational Uranus and Queer Revolution. It was fascinating to learn so many new facts in this particular context. I hadn’t really had much of a Queer lense with this until Kelsey shared their research/information.

For example, I knew some bits and pieces here and there already regarding Harvey Milk, Octavia Butler, the Kinsey Scale, Mattachine Society and Harry Hay, and several other folx like Matthew Shepherd, Laura Jane Grace, etc.

I really appreciated having more of a in-depth understanding of the connections with Uranus as a planet and generational cycles, especially in context related to Queer Revolution. Most people don’t realize that the Cooper’s Donut Riot took place several years before Stonewall.

Myself, I’m a overall history geek/scholar and really value a lot more NOW the layered intersectionality of queer identity, history, queer ancestors, events in society, etc. This is a one big key, I feel, to how we can come more together now and how we can move forward together.

Other workshops I attended were offered by Rebecca Farrar (Archetypal Astrology: Astraea), Chere (rere) Suzette Bergerson (Astrological Herbalism via Sassafras Healing Arts), etc etc etc.

It was such a great first-time experience for me AND I had ASL interpreter access made possible via the stellar coordination of Andrea Gehrz (www.moirapress.org). Super grateful I felt welcomed and included with this conference. 🙂


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